Lack of Talk About Education in Malloy Speech Upsets Advocates

Feb 7, 2018 by

After eight years as the state’s relentless champion for better education, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy failed to mention schools in his last state-of-the-state address Wednesday, which left education advocates troubled and searching for an explanation.

“While Governor Malloy’s message in his address to the General Assembly emphasized Connecticut’s tradition of fairness and concern for future generations,” said Sheila Cohen, president of the Connecticut Education Association, “his budget proposal is anything but fair for Connecticut’s students and public schools.”

Don Williams, executive director of CEA, said that perhaps education didn’t come up in Malloy’s speech “because of the cuts to [Education Cost Sharing funds] that were in his previous proposals and have manifested themselves through the cuts that he’s made in the biennial budget.

“We would hope that going forward that the governor could reconcile the theme of fairness with adequate funding for our schools and that the legislature could join and restore the money that has been cut in ECS and to our towns,”

Source: Lack of Talk About Education in Malloy Speech Upsets Advocates – Hartford Courant

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