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Oct 10, 2018 by

Larry Sand, president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, an organization whose name gives no clue to its mission of fanatically defaming unions and all they do and stand for, authored a piece last week in City Journal.

To put us at our ease and deceive us, it identifies him as “a former teacher.”

He believes that a better world can be achieved if politicians would double down on the recent anti-union Janus US Supreme Court decision. He proselytizing killing them off by requiring them to frequently re-apply for re-certification, inducing a schism within the membership by splintering them up into multiple competing entities and by cutting them loose from the cross of collective bargaining altogether.

He prays for the day when every individual teacher could enter into a private contract and negotiate salary, benefits and, if so inclined, workplace protection. He has faith in the instincts of management and competition would keep those unionists’ greed in check.

Reversion to feudal subservience, workplace exploitation and pauperization of unionists would be rapturous to Sand.

“Big Labor would face its worst nightmare”, he says.  One can almost hear him smacking his lips through the newsprint.

The choir at City Journal is small and out-of-tune, and Demon Larry can sing his dystopian hymn and preach to the deaf walls all he wants.

Nobody’s listening and nobody’s reading.

Ron Isaac

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    Ginny Hegge

    Written by a true unionista — one who can’t distinguish good, competent teachers (who have nothing to fear from escaping the union’s clutches) and bad, incompetent and/or criminal teachers who have no business being protected by union contracts. When the 330K teachers in CA produce test scores from their “customers”/students that are 2nd and 3rd from the bottom, when only 2 teachers out of that 330K are fired for incompetence…when the unions bully, frighten and lie to their members to keep them forking over the $1K per year (only 10% of which goes to their locals), when the unions ignore the political makeup of their members (which pretty much mirrors the public at large) and devote 99% of their contributions to left-wing causes and candidates…

    …it’s a little rich of Mr. Isaac to call Mr. Sand’s points and City Journal “out of tune.” And maybe he could, instead of providing a snarky response, some actual defenses of the abuses Mr. Sand outlines in the outstanding City Journal instead.

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