Latest Shocker: Why Ignoring Coupon Deals May be Costing You

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Couponing may have been invented to help manufacturers manage inventory but it has taken a whole new meaning now. Granted, businesses still use it to move aging stock but consumers have flooded the arena more than ever before.

Over the years, we have seen couponers become masters at racking up huge savings to the tune of thousands of dollars per year. The exact method of doing this differs with every individual.

There are those who walk into stores with a stack of coupons during every grocery shopping hoping to pay less for more. Then there are the ones who wait patiently for their moment to pay cents for a 6-month supply of groceries.

Whichever category you fall into, couponing can absolutely be the best thing that happened to your bank account.

The art of extreme couponing is not as easy as it seems. As silly as this may sound, it is nothing but the truth. Scouring through websites looking for coupon deals and contacting retailers in the hope of landing discounts is no mean feat, let alone clipping coupons and keeping them organized for weeks on end.

 Good news? Couponing has tremendous benefits primarily for your economic status but other important facets of life as well. Want to know what these are? Here are 6 reasons put out by Coupon Cause on why ignoring couponing deals may be costing.

  1. Saving money

Obviously, this is commonplace but have you really grasped your mind around it? Do you save as much money as you would like to use couponing? The main reason people dedicate long hours looking through the internet and the Sunday paper for coupon deals is to save money. Money is scarce while resources are unlimited.

This means that any opportunity to pay less for goods and services is always welcome. The amount of money you save on couponing is synonymous to your input to it. Super couponers are masters at the game paying as little as $5 for $300 worth of goods. To optimize your saving, you have got to develop an eagle’s eyesight to pick out coupon deals from anywhere on the planet and know when to shop.

  1. Missing out on new products

Couponing is also a great way to experiment on new product offers. It makes you think outside the box—to try brands you have always ignored. For the most part, consumers would rather stick to their preferred brands with regards to groceries but when the competitor brands are rock-bottom cheap, who would mind trying them out? Similarly, looking for coupon deals also gives you a chance to try new things without feeling the pinch of paying big bucks for them.

  1. Paying the least price for canned and boxed foods

Extreme couponers always pay the lowest prices for goods with long shelf lives such as canned and boxed goods. Instead of paying full price for them when their price is up to the roof, they wait for them to be on sale (which happens every quarter) then buy extra quantities for them. By doing this, they would have avoided doing regular purchases of these items along with saving lots of money.

  1. Tracking your savings

One of the ways you can track your savings is by recording all your couponing projects. Sure, the process is downright tedious but the rewards are worth it. Write down the coupons you use and the amount of money removed off of the store’s sale price. After a few months of doing this, make a comparison between the grocery bill without the coupons and the amount you pay using the coupons.

This will give you an idea of just how much savings you make while couponing. While you are at it, remember that prices of foodstuffs go up and down depending on the availability of coupons. Sometimes they are available only after the prices have hit the roof. Sometimes they become so rare that you end up paying hard cash for the goods because you need them at that very moment.

  1. Changing your meal plans

If you ignore coupon deals, you might never really get around to pumping up your recipes at home. You may try to change things here and there but the expensive nature of groceries may limit you to certain meal plans all year long. Couponing, on the other hand, helps you shift gears as far as your family’s meal plans are concerned. You can make use of coupon offers and get foods when their prices hit the bottom and whip up different meals accordingly.

  1. Missing out on emergency purchases

Your detergent has run out and you just can’t afford to purchase your favorite brand until your next payday. When you glance at your coupon binder, you realize you have a coupon for another brand. Just like that, your little predicament flies off the window, Yes, that’s the magic of couponing. You never know when an emergency will strike. It could even be that your household runs out of toilet paper or cereal when the month is around the bend. Just make use of your coupons until your desired coupons come around.

As you can see, saving money is not the only benefit associated with couponing. It may be the main one but many others come in the picture when you do it with skill and commitment. You will treat your family to different to varied delicacies, track your savings, buy canned and boxed goods cheaply and in bulk, and experiment on new product offers.

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