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“Latest Info. on Tomorrow’s Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Ford Hearing”

By Donna Garner


1.  Tomorrow, Thursday, 9.27.18, Rachel Mitchell (an experienced prosecutor in sex-crimes cases) will handle some of the questioning of both Kavanaugh and Ford.

2. The expected vote on the Kavanaugh nomination by the Senate Judiciary Committee is to be Friday, 9.28.18.

3. The Senate Judiciary Committee is made up of Sen. Grassley (Republican chair), Sen. Feinstein (Democrat chair), 10 Republican members, and 9 Democrat members.

4. Kavanaugh’s name can still be sent to the full Senate for a vote even if the majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee does not recommend him. This is what happened with Clarence Thomas in 1991.

5.  Tomorrow, Senators Grassley and Feinstein are to give opening remarks.

6.  Christine Blasey Ford will have unlimited time to present her remarks.

7.  Each Senator (or chosen counsel) will be allowed five minutes to ask Ford questions.

8.  The same identical process will then be repeated for Brett Kavanaugh.

9. Since the original Washington Post article was published, Ford has admitted that a woman, Leland Ingham Keyser who was a former classmate of Ford’s at the Holton-Arms all-girls school, was the fourth witness at the party.  Keyser said last Saturday night that she does not know Kavanaugh and does not remember being at the party with him.

10. Once confirmed by the full senate, Kavanaugh can be seated immediately.  The Supreme Court convenes on Monday, Oct. 1.  Presently there are eight Justices – 4 conservatives, 4 liberals.  Typically a new Justice will not be able to vote on cases in which oral arguments were heard while he was absent. Cases that come up during that time period could end up jeopardizing important decisions that affect every American.

11.  Sen. Mitch McConnell could nominate Kavanaugh by filing a cloture petition to the full Senate on Saturday (9.29.18).  Undoubtedly there would be a filibuster which could only last until Monday followed by 30 hours of debate.  The final vote to confirm Kavanaugh could be Tuesday or Wednesday (10.2.18 or 10.3.18).

12.  The open hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee is tomorrow at 10:00 A. M. (EST) and is to be televised.  

ACTION STEP:  If we care about preserving our Constitutional republic, we MUST contact all U. S. Senators RIGHT NOW:

*Some information for this article was taken from Gregg Re’s Fox News article dated 9.25.18

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  1. Avatar

    If ANY of the things we are hearing about the party culture at
    Georgetown Prep ( whether Kavanaugh was involved or NOT )
    and IF ANY of the things that we are hearing about the sexual
    and drunken nature of partying at Yale University is true
    ( whether Kavanaugh was involved or NOT ), then we have a
    MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM in our SCHOOLS that whether or not
    we confirm ANY Supreme Court Justice.

    We apparently have gone from teaching TRUE history and the
    Three Rs to teaching the 4 D’s. Today’s kids for the past few decades have been learning about debauchery, debasement,
    decadence, and drunkenness. OH BOY! Our kids have…
    ” graduated” to the 4 D’s!

    Maybe when this is all over, this country needs to have a
    VERY SERIOUS debate about THAT before it gets WORSE.
    Because now with all of the VILE pornographic things your
    YOUNG children can EASILY see online, IT WILL GET WORSE!
    Be prepared for a LOT more rape, molestation, groping, death
    from over-intoxication, S.T.D.’s, etc., IF parents don’t start trying
    to control what your YOUNG children see. WE must, as parents,
    be ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE and should expect and
    DEMAND the same from our schools.

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