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American Research Group – conducted Feb. 11 – 12 – 600 likely Michigan primary voters questioned by telephone




Santorum – 33%

Romney – 27%

Gingrich – 21%

Ron Paul – 12%

Undecided – 6%



Santorum  — 37%

Gingrich – 29%

Romney – 17%

Ron Paul – 11%



30 delegates in Michigan – divided proportionally

29 delegates in Arizona – winner take all




“Severely Conservative Romney Seems Desperate”

by Donna Garner



Mitt Romney was so desperate to make himself look “severely conservative” at this last weekend’s CPAC conference in D. C. that he purportedly paid for conference registrations for college students along the Eastern Seaboard and bused them in to manipulate the results of the straw poll  ( ) and ( ).


Conservative Statistics ( ) reported on 2.11.12 that 44% of the CPAC registrants were students!  This was an abnormally high percentage of students based upon the fact that the U. S. Census reported only 5% of ages 18 – 24 voted in 2010.


Even though 44% of the registrants were students and most likely were Romney-paid supporters, Santorum still received 31% to Romney’s 38%.  Without the Romney-paid registrants, the CPAC straw poll results would have undoubtedly swung in Santorum’s favor.


So what did Rick Santorum say?, 2.12.12,


‘You know those straw polls, at CPAC,’ he said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ on Sunday. ‘For two years Ron Paul has won those because he just trucks in a lot of people, pays for their ticket, and they come in and vote and they leave. We didn’t do that. We don’t do that. I don’t try to rig straw polls.’

He continued: ‘You’ll have to talk to the Romney campaign and [see] how many tickets they bought. We’ve heard all sorts of things.’

Santorum stopped short of accusing his rivals of dirty politics, saying that stacking the deck is ‘standard procedure for straw polls’ and noting that, ‘there’s nothing wrong with that.’

‘We just don’t think that’s a good use of our resources,’ he said. ‘Governor Romney obviously may have a different idea.’



For more details, please read my 2.11.12 article, “CPAC – Who Voted?” ——-who-voted—-by/View.aspx



2.13.12 – Excerpts from this Rick Santorum newsletter:

At yesterday’s CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney tried hard to convince the conservative audience that he also was a conservative. Romney even described himself as being “severely conservative.” A quick look at Romney’s record reveals he is severely mistaken.


Romney’s Liberal Record

Romney was the architect of liberal Romneycare, which included big government healthcare mandates, and ultimately became the blueprint for big government Obamacare.


Romney strongly supported the outrageous Wall Street bailouts.  This was the biggest taxpayer-funded earmark in American history, and counter to conservative beliefs.


Romney initiated radical job-killing environmental legislation in Massachusetts, similar to the radical Cap and Trade legislation spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi in Washington.


Romney once described himself as being more liberal on social issues than Ted Kennedy.


Support a True Conservative

Rick Santorum doesn’t just talk a good conservative game, he lives it.  From writing the law that ended partial birth abortions forever, to reforming welfare, to leading the fight for a balanced budget amendment, Rick Santorum is an authentic conservative who has always lived up to our conservative values.

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