LAUSD teachers’ union contemplating a refusal to return to in-person work

Feb 20, 2021 by

Teachers union plans to have members vote on proposal week after next as pressure mounts for schools to reopen

Faced with mounting pressure by some elected officials, parents and others who want schools to reopen, the union representing Los Angeles Unified School District teachers announced Friday, Feb. 19, that its members will soon take a vote on whether they should refuse to return to campus if in-person instruction becomes mandatory.

More than 900 chapter chairs voted on this question earlier this week, with 93% electing to “organize around a refusal to return for a full or hybrid physical reopening of schools” until certain safety conditions are met, union President Cecily Myart-Cruz said during her weekly update.

The union next plans to ask its entire membership — made up of more than 35,000 teachers and other certificated employees — to vote the week of March 1 on whether to move forward with the refusal to report to work in person.

“This is a vote we take for ourselves and for the communities we serve,” Myart-Cruz said. “Because we know that our parents’ voices are not being heard. We all want our schools to reopen, but it must be done safely.”

Source: LAUSD teachers’ union contemplating a refusal to return to in-person work – Daily News

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