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Lawyers Ask to Reopen Evidence in School Finance Trial

Jun 6, 2013 by

State district court Judge John Dietz has agreed to hear new testimony in the sweeping school finance trial involving more than two-thirds of the state’s school districts, a trial that had concluded in February.

Since when has money been show to improve education? Why hasn’t the bilingual, migrant, food stamps, etc. federal monies been added to the per-pupil spending.

In a hearing in Dietz’s courtroom Wednesday, lawyers for both the districts and the state said that evidence should be updated following a legislative session in which Texas lawmakers made significant changes to public education policy. The judge asked all parties to return June 19 to present arguments over what the scope of those new hearings should be — including what issues they should cover and logistical questions, like limitations on discovery and other procedural rules.

Dietz warned lawyers against looking at the hearings as “a chance to clean up or make stronger” their arguments during the trial.

“I really think that the consideration is, was there a material change in the circumstances, was there a substantial change in circumstances by reason of” the most recent Legislature, he said.

During the regular session that ended in late May, lawmakers restored about $3.4 billion to public education funding. Changes to high school testing and graduation requirements, as well as a bill expanding the state’s charter school system, also passed.

Lawyers Ask to Reopen Evidence in School Finance Trial | The Texas Tribune.

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