Learn about the prom trends and take a look at our top 3 prom dresses of the day

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It’s official: 2019 will be the year in which you experience one of the best moments that youth has reserved for you, the prom party. Therefore, you cannot forget to stop by your favorite store and go straight towards the JVN Fashion section since our designers have decided not only to listen to young girls around the world but have decided to start important trends within it.

So, if you thought you had read all about the hottest prom dresses out there, get ready for our list of trends and today’s top 3 prom dresses selected by our design director.

Get to know the trends and choose the one you like best

The trends regarding prom dresses within the collection are quite diverse. They range from long mono colored dresses, with rhinestones, as well as embossed lace. This year, we bring proposals of dresses in full color that will make you stand out with minimalist elegance. The colors that predominate in the collection are the bright shades of red, sky blue, coral, gray and black.

On the other hand, we want to encourage you to bet on the transparencies, or in better words, the illusion of it: necklines, glitter, and visual effects as well defined curved lines that not only highlight the silhouette you have but give you a new context thanks to the “exposed skin.”

You can decide between carrying risky slits or opting instead for models with skin-color linings, accompanied by details of rhinestones on the back or the sides of the dresses, giving it a modern and chic touch. It should be noted that in the JVN Fashion prom dresses with openings, they usually start below the knee until the end of the design, giving comfort to the carrier (you).

The variety doesn’t stop there. We know that beyond seasons, each region of the world has its particularities, such as climate and expected dress code. Thus, we bring fabrics such as lace embroidered with yarn of different colors, gauze with silk accompanied by v-necklines and rounds, and off shoulders. Additionally, the jewels and glitters vary from the most subtle to the most striking. You decide what is appropriate or not.

These are our top 3 designs of the day

Our design director has selected three dress styles that respond with three different types of girl. Then, you can read descriptions and also get the recommendation of a specific model within our collection of prom dresses:

  1. Distinguished and glamorous.

This style of dress comes in mermaid cut, round neckline, transparencies on the sides, and rhinestones embroidered in a thread, which is detached throughout the dress. The design suits a prom attendant going for both a modern and elegant look. The best example is our model Jade Fitted Plunging Neckline Gown 47075.

Regarding on how to complement the cute outfit of the night (or the day, depending on your school), you must remember that absolutely everything must harmonize. Especially if we are talking about the prom look, which should be impeccable, beautiful and glamorous, because wearing such a beautiful dress, all eyes will be on you and the accessories around it.

2. Authentic and daring

Choose a dress with a fall and a round neckline, together with transparencies on the sides they give a bold and fearless touch to your look. For example, our White Backless Embellished Jersey Prom Dress 63563 model has a very subtle shine throughout the piece. This design would be appropriate for a young and daring guest.

On the other hand, if you have short legs, don’t get confused choosing a closed neckline as a turtleneck. If your goal is to look daring while being faithful to the fashion trends, those type of dresses aren’t recommended since they make your body look smaller. By hiding the clavicle, the shortest figures look less stylized.

3. Sensual and sophisticated.

The Red Plunging Neckline Embellished Prom Dress 60283 is a red dress comprised of a sexy back neckline, which makes it something simple, but sexy at the same time. Such design is ideal for a prom party during the day or after-party at night in closed spaces. In case you want more options that inspire this vibe, the dresses with straight cuts like the empire cut will favor you. If you are short, the designs that have the waist below the chest will help you look taller.

And, as an extra, here’s our final recommendation:

Combine the dress with your bouquet: The choice of a bouquet will depend only on the style and taste you have. But be careful! For perfect synchrony, the chosen dress must have a significant influence, especially in the color palette of it. Perhaps, thinking about the bouquet before considering the dress will serve to make an easier decision.

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