How You Can Learn to Drive in a Week by Taking a Crash Course

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A driving crash course? Oh no! It has to be a hoax. The results of intensive driving courses have disproven this myth entirely. Crash courses are becoming more popular and are valued by people due to the countless benefits that they offer. Within a week, you can not only learn to drive, but also improve various skills such as immediate decision-making, critical assessment and effective coordination.

Are you still unsure or confused about enrolling in a crash course? Have a look at how intense driving courses can transform you into a skilled driver and allow you to pass the driving test in one go.

Effective Model of Intensive Driving Course

Intensive learning courses are based on a well-designed model. These include:

Adequate Hours– Many people believe that the number of hours in a crash course is lesser than the number of hours in regular driving courses, which is false. In a regular driving course, you may get around 20 hours of driving lessons, distributed over a month. In an intense driving learning course, you will get equal number of hours distributed over a week or so. This means that the only difference in practice sessions is of the frequency of driving lessons.

Supervised Driving Lessons– According to the Driver Vehicle and License Authority, you need supervised driving lessons as well as private practice to prepare for the final driving license test. All the driving sessions in intensive driving courses are supervised by a professional instructor. The supervisor instructs you about the necessary guidelines and highlights any mistakes to help you improve your driving skills. The instructor also teaches you about the DVLA rules and regulations to help you pass the theoretical test. Intensive driving courses teach you about driving under the speed limit, smooth transition of gears, right of way, coordination with other drivers on the road, etc.

Clarity– The core of an intensive driving course is clarity. You cannot learn to drive by adhering to a simple formula. You need to improve your skill by understanding the mechanics of vehicles as well as your role as a responsible citizen. The supervisors of crash courses focus equally on clarity and simple driving instructions such as how to turn the steering wheel or press the clutch. Clarity is essential for driving not only on the road, but also for passing the driving license test. At least 25% of your theoretical test is based on multiple choice questions, which test your understanding and clarity. During the practical test, the examiner will closely observe how observant you are of the various traffic rules and regulations.

Confidence Building–Intensive driving courses help build your confidence on the road by providing you with enough supervised hours of practice. The model of a crash course is based on a combination of instructions and the freedom to experiment. Your initial lessons include guidance and instructions of the different concepts of driving. The final driving lessons are based on building confidence and improving clarity. Your supervisor allows you the freedom to experiment and use your own skills to make decisions. However, these lessons are also fully supervised to ensure that the instructor is there to help you if needed. The instructor will observe your driving skills during the final lesson and point out the mistakes, if any. This way, you can build your confidence and improve your driving abilities.

Who Should Take Intense Driving Learning Courses?

Anyone and everyone can take intense driving learning courses. If you are a new driver, you can learn about basic and advanced techniques of driving and develop decision-making capabilities, critical assessment and situational awareness by taking a crash course. Choose a school with a high success rate, such as Momentum Driving School who have had more than 2700 students pass.  After supervised lessons, you can practice driving privately to brush upon your skills.

If you know how to drive, but are not a professional or skilled driver, then taking a crash course will help you find your mistakes and correct them. The crash course instructor will teach you various driving tricks as well as the mechanics of the vehicle which can significantly reduce your maintenance costs.

Are you an expert driver? You can still enrol in an intensive driving course! This is because expert drivers are more likely to break a law or ignore traffic rules. It is natural to become a little careless when you practise a skill regularly. By taking an intensive driving course, you can improve your driving skills and revise the rules that you may have forgotten over time.

You can ask as many questions from the instructor as you want as this can improve your driving abilities.

Is It Customisable?

The best thing about an intensive driving course is that it is highly customisable. As mentioned earlier, you could be an amateur or skilled driver, which means that your requirement of supervised practice hours can vary considerably.

If you are a skilled driver, you can get your crash course customised to 10 hours instead of 20, or even less. In the majority of crash courses, the instructor will test your driving skills and understanding of traffic rules, and customise the course accordingly. The cost of crash courses is also dependent on the number of supervised hours you need.

You can also set the time of your driving lessons in crash courses. This allows you to adjust the course schedule according to your needs and preferences. For example, if you are a skilled driver and want to test your driving skills just a week before your driving license test, you can ask the institute to customise your lessons. If you are a student, and want driving lessons on the weekends and evenings only, then the intensive driving course can be scheduled accordingly.

Intensive driving courses are usually cheaper than regular driving programs. As these are highly customisable and prepare you for passing both the theory and practical tests, the courses are definitely worth the investment.

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