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Of course you may have a varied number of questions and an air of curiosity around who can do a Leading SAFe 4.6 certification, what are its advantages and how can it help accelerate your professional success. For starters let us introduce you to the SAFe training course by telling you that it is for professionals in an evolving corporate environment, for the purpose of keeping their career progressive and ahead of the game. Scaling Agile is one of the biggest and popular challenges before organisations, corporates, Agile teams, and Agile professionals.No corporate or Agile practitioner can take on this Agile challenge without correct scaling framework and knowledge know-how. 

(1)All professionals and executives are welcome to register for the SAFe certification course. However there are certain prerequisites that can be an added advantage, such as: 

  • Five or more years of experience in software development, software testing, business analysis, project management or product management.  
  • Experience and exposure to Scrum

(2)People who will benefit from this course:

Everybody can benefit from Leading SAFe, but there are particular professionals who will benefit from this certification such as Enterprise, System and solution architects, portfolio managers, PMOs and process leads, Product and product line management, program and project managers, development, QA, and infrastructure management, executives and leaders, managers and directors, CIOs and VPs.

(3) What you will learn from the course – A detailed introduction to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe),  the course will meticulously teach how to become a Lean-Agile Leader, You will learn practical aspects such as establishing team and stronger technical Agility, You will be exposed to and learn the detailed aspects of experiencing Program Increment (PI) planning, be able to develop good understanding about releasing on demand with DevOps expertise, and be able to build business solutions, provide business solutions, the concept of  Lean System and become aware of implementing Lean Portfolio Management.

(4)You will gain great  understanding about  the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise.You will Become a certified  Lean-thinking manager and will also be eligible to become a teacher in the same field. You will be able to Apply the core principles of a Lean-Agile and deliver quality output in your work, adding great positive impact to your career.

You will become capable and be able apply SAFe’s Lean and Agile principles to the job roles and practices of SAFe, while being able to implement them practically in other contexts too.

You will build and create high-performance teams who add great value to the company by defining a clear mission, vision and purpose.

Become an able Leader in transforming your job with the SAFe Implementation Roadmap.

Support, help and guide PI Planning extensively. You will track and proactively  partake in events relating to successful program execution

(5) Become an action oriented professional who leads –   Become a  professional capable of undertaking Drive Release on Demand with Continuous Delivery Pipeline

You will go further ahead in your career ladder by establishing appropriate alignment and execute tasks in strategic methodologies and required Lean Portfolio Management

Become capable of Multi tasking and in a versatile manner coordinate multiple different Agile Release Trains and suppliers with a Solution Train

(6) Various career advantages from the course – The Leading SAFe certification course is a wonderful career opportunity to hike your chances for a better career growth scope. This course will provide you practical education and projects and knowledge base pertaining the job role of leading a company using the skill of scaling Agile through Scaled Agile Framework. The two day SAFe 4.6 certification course will give you great insight, understanding and a comprehensive look at Scaled Agile Framework practices and primary values, Lean-Agile programs, Scaling Agile, Lean-Agile program portfolio management and Scaling leadership.

(7) New career opportunities – The SAFe framework seamlessly synchronizes various types of alignment, collaboration, and helps in delivering multiple Agile teams to produce excellent results. The successful completion of Scaled Agile Framework training helps you chart new career territories.

(8) A new solution to changing work scenarios -Not only are Agile methods found to be useful and practically applicable to small teams, but there are organizations and corporate that are working in collaborative set-ups, complex layered systems and international geographies. Under such cases Agile application and implementation sometimes fail to have the maximum impact and desired results.The Scaled Agile Framework is a wholesome methodology for larger, and bigger Agile project teams to execute an Agile transformation smoothly. 

Applying lean Agile principles and practices across various levels within an organization is the beginning towards bigger, desirable changes. 

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