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Business professionals who want to learn about the management side of technology turn to ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) courses online. What was once a lengthy training program the comprised about 30 books and months of study has been streamlined. The new protocol for a typical ITIL course online means no duplicative study, concentrated “at-your-own-pace” lessons, and a shortened time-frame for completion.

A high-quality ITIL course online can help even the busiest professional complete the core study modules within a reasonable timeline, typically between two and eight weeks depending how many hours per day you can dedicate to the course. Course timelines depend on the amount of real-world IT experience a candidate already has, so in reality it’s quite difficult to say how long test preparation might take.

ITIL Training Has Five Core Segments

A good online ITIL training course can guide a student from the most basic level of understanding to a quite sophisticated level in a relatively short amount of time. Considering the number of sub-topics included in online training programs and the incredible usefulness of the knowledge obtained by students, getting ITIL certification can be career gold for those who are willing to complete online ITIL training and acquire related job experience.

Anyone who completes even the first or second tier of the training has demonstrated diligence, competence, and the type of professional perseverance that upper managers notice. What are the five primary parts of ITIL training, and what does each consist of?

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continuous Service Improvement

It is important to understand that each phase of the training includes subsets of policies, principles and processes associated with it. These detailed descriptions can be thought of as a very general course syllabus for prospective students. Online courses are set up in such a way that students are not overwhelmed with new concepts and challenges. Instead, each learning module offers a reasonable amount of information, reinforces it, and then allows candidates to absorb it at their own pace.

The Five Certification Levels Within ITIL

The first three levels of certification allow a candidate to demonstrate core IT competence through a combination of classroom-type study and on-the-job experience. The fourth level, ITIL Expert, is an advanced status that is also a prerequisite for obtaining the final, ITIL Master, designation.

The ITIL Master certification means that the IT professional is among the most highly qualified specialists in the field, and has demonstrated an advanced degree of expertise on written tests and in the workplace.

What are the five certification levels within a comprehensive ITIL online course of study?

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master

Helpful Sources for More Information

IT professionals understand better than anyone the need for continuous expansion of knowledge during a career. That’s why online training courses for ITIL certification are of paramount importance for those on their way up the career ladder. Below, there are more resources for those who plan to make a career in the exciting, rewarding world if IT.

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