It is safe to say that Halloween, at least nowadays, is a child’s holiday. Dressing up as your favorite Disney character or superhero and collecting candy from houses on your street seems like any red-blooded kid’s dream. Although, I am not afraid to admit that I, a 23-year old man, still participate in the dressing up part as well.

But what used to be a fun holiday that chimes in the rest of the year’s winter festivities has become a platform for social justice warriors to sink their ideas into and politicize another enjoyable activity.

A recent group of articles by Teen Vogue, and more specifically, Cosmopolitan, are attacking young girls who wish to be the newest Disney princess, Moana. The article from Cosmopolitan titled “Maybe Don’t Dress Your Kid Up As Moana This Year?” set the whole publication up for failure this Halloween season. Besides the annoying title that sounds like a millennial complaining about something, the article is inherently racist and segregating and it is using children to achieve this unconscious objective.

The article points out that “white” girls have plenty of princesses they can choose from while “black” girls can only be the only black Disney princess, Tiana, and young Polynesian girls can only be Moana, the most recent and popular pacific-islander princess of the Disney Franchise. Cosmopolitan then took it one step too far and suggested that the white girls who want to be a more cultural princess but can’t because of their skin color, ought to take a step back and “examine their privilege”.

The Daily Wire addressed a question that as conservatives and Halloween-fans in general should ask: shouldn’t young girls be more influenced by Moana’s feminism and power rather than her skin color? In other words, the social justice warriors and feminists are clashing on this issue which further proves the idiocy behind this logic.

By not allowing kids to be certain costumes because of race, segregation is making a come back in our generation. Kids see magic, feeling, and friendship, not color. If a white girl wants to be Moana or Tiana, that isn’t cultural appropriation or insensitive, that is a color-blind child trying to reflect her admiration for her favorite princess. What the left is trying to do here is let children aware of their differences in colors and segregate them at a young age.

If you think about it, a lot of the left is saying non-whites can only dress as non-white characters and whites have to stick with their own princesses. This sounds like we are back in the deep south in the 1950’s.

What have I gathered from this? Social justice has gone so far that it has actually become racist. Am I suggesting it is okay to make fun of cultures and wear “blackface”? Absolutely not, that is just as racist as the social justice warriors. Am I saying it is appropriate to embrace other cultures and admire Disney princesses despite their color because the United States is a melting pot? You bet I am.

Happy Halloween!