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“Left-Leaning Revisionists up to Their Old Tricks”

by Donna Garner



Houston Public Media (7.10.15 — http://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/news/controversial-texas-textbooks-coming-to-classrooms-this-fall/ ), The Washington Post article (7.5.15 — http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/150-years-later-schools-are-still-a-battlefield-for-interpreting-civil-war/2015/07/05/e8fbd57e-2001-11e5-bf41-c23f5d3face1_story.html ), and other left-leaning media publications are doing a bait and switch – trying to make it appear to the public as if it is the Texas State Board of Education that has corrupted the telling of history when it is actually the left-wing Common Core, the College Board, and all of the rest of the Type #2 revisionists who are trying to corrupt American school children’s love and respect for America.  


The left-wingers are trying to build a case that the Texas Social Studies curriculum standards (TEKS) must be completely rewritten so that Texas public school children will learn the REAL story behind slavery. That argument is specious because here are the many references to slavery in the Texas Social Studies TEKS:

Grade 5:

(4)  History. The student understands political, economic, and social changes that occurred in the United States during the 19th century. The student is expected to: (E) identify the causes of the Civil War, including sectionalism, states’ rights, and slavery, and the effects of the Civil War, including Reconstruction and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Grade 7:

(2)  History. The student understands how individuals, events, and issues through the Mexican National Era shaped the history of Texas. The student is expected to: (D) identify the individuals, issues, and events related to Mexico becoming an independent nation and its impact on Texas, including Texas involvement in the fight for independence, José Gutiérrez de Lara, the Battle of Medina, the Mexican federal Constitution of 1824, the merger of Texas and Coahuila as a state, the State Colonization Law of 1825, and slavery.

(5)  History. The student understands how events and issues shaped the history of Texas during the Civil War and Reconstruction. The student is expected to: (A) explain reasons for the involvement of Texas in the Civil War such as states’ rights, slavery, sectionalism, and tariffs.

Grade 8:

Students study the history of the United States from the early colonial period through Reconstruction (up to 1877).

(7)  History. The student understands how political, economic, and social factors led to the growth of sectionalism and the Civil War. The student is expected to: (C) analyze the impact of slavery on different sections of the United States; and

(8)  History. The student understands individuals, issues, and events of the Civil War. The student is expected to: (B)  explain the causes of the Civil War, including sectionalism, states’ rights, and slavery, and significant events of the Civil War, including the firing on Fort Sumter; the battles of Antietam, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg; the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation; Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House; and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln; and

(12)  Economics. The student understands why various sections of the United States developed different patterns of economic activity. The student is expected to: (B) explain reasons for the development of the plantation system, the transatlantic slave trade, and the spread of slavery.

U.S. History: Note — In high school, students are required to take U.S. History after 1877, so the issue of slavery is not covered.


World History

(4)  History. The student understands how, after the collapse of classical empires, new political, economic, and social systems evolved and expanded from 600 to 1450. The student is expected to: 4 (I) explain the development of the slave trade;

(7) History. The student understands the causes and impact of European expansion from 1450 to 1750. The student is expected to: (C) explain the impact of the Atlantic slave trade on West Africa and the Americas.


Texas’ Social Studies curriculum standards are the most fact-based and patriotic in the entire U. S. because before a single word of the ELAR, Science, Social Studies, and Math TEKS was written, the Type #1 parameters were set.



Type #1 means the TEKS have to be knowledge-based, academic, explicit by grade level, clearly worded, must grow in depth and complexity from one grade level to the next, and must be largely measurable (that means tested with right-or-wrong answers).


This chart explains those parameters: 

CHART – TYPE #1 vs. TYPE #2 PHILOSOPHIES OF EDUCATION — http://www.educationviews.org/comparison-types-education-type-1-traditional-vs-type-2-cscope-common-core/


What we do in Texas is to teach Social Studies the traditional way based on FACTS, but the left-wingers are trying to make it look as if the Texas curriculum standards are the ones at fault.  Instead it is the revisionist media in cahoots with David Coleman who want to rewrite history and corrupt the facts.


David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core. When he finished the CCSI (Common Core Standards Initiative), he was almost immediately hired as the president of the College Board. He stated publicly and is carrying out his plan to align all the CB’s products with the Common Core.  CB publishes the SAT, Pre-SAT, and all AP tests.  The CB finished the redesign of the U. S. History AP tests/framework last summer.  (I have posted articles and links below that show how anti-American the APUSH course is now.)  The Wash. Post is speaking with a forked tongue. The very things that the Wash. Post is faulting our TEKS for is the type of philosophy reflected in the new APUSH course.


Bottomline: The best thing a person can do is to read through the Texas Social Studies curriculum standards (TEKS) for himself.  Here is a link to the Social Studies TEKS:  http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter113/index.html


When the public reads through these Type #1 TEKS, they will see that they do not fit the Houston Public Media nor the Washington Post’s descriptions!  Our TEKS do not fit into the left-wing, Type #2 philosophy of education as described in the two articles.


Students who are taught our TEKS with fidelity will graduate with a love for America and with a well-rounded, traditional education.


Here are various sources that the public needs to view:


“David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America”

By Donna Garner






David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core Standards. When he finished his disastrous work there, he became the president of The College Board where he has publicly stated that the College Board products will now be aligned with the Common Core Standards. 


The College Board produces the SAT, the GED, and all the Advanced Placement (AP) tests.


Some 550,000 of our country’s brightest and best students take AP U. S. History.


The new AP U. S. History Framework (APUSH) consistently emphasizes the negative events of U. S. history while ignoring the positive achievements of the U. S.


“The new College Board Framework will replace the traditional 5-page topical outline with a 98-page document that dictates how teachers should cover the required topics…”


Larry Krieger, an experienced, widely acclaimed Advanced Placement teacher, says that the new Advanced Placement U. S. History Framework, “defines, discusses, and interprets ‘the required knowledge of each period.’”


The College Board’s own website confirms that the AP exam will focus exclusively on content specified in the Framework. In short, what is not tested will not be taught.




James Madison

Benjamin Franklin

George Washington (reduced to a 1 sentence fragment about Farewell Address)

Roger Williams

Thomas Jefferson

Andrew Jackson

Henry Clay

Jane Addams

Theodore Roosevelt

Lost Generation authors (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Lewis)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sinclair Lewis

Dorothea Dix




Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

America’s Lend-Lease program (provided over $50 billion in military equipment to help our allies defeat Hitler) 

The heroism and sacrifices of American servicemen and women




Dominant theme – “European exploitation led to native decline and black bondage” 

Discusses architecture of Spanish missions rather than the merits of our 1776 heroes

Stresses colonial America as having “rigid racial hierarchy” and a “strong belief in British racial and cultural superiority”  — ignores U. S. founding principles that inspired the movement to abolish slavery


Reinterprets Manifest Destiny by not emphasizing the spreading of democracy and new technologies – instead dwells on white racial superiority


Reduces study of Declaration of Independence to one phrase in one sentence — ignores sacrifices signers made who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause of freedom


Ignores efforts of U. S. civilians and armed forces to defeat fascism — instead dwells upon internment of  Japanese Americans, dropping of atomic bombs,  race and segregation




Winthrop’s” City on a Hill” sermon

Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Excerpts from de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Frederick Jackson Turner’s essay on “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”

Excerpts from John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath

Excerpts from Dr. King’s writings

Barbara Jordan’s speech on the Constitution before the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment hearings



Jane Robbins and Larry Krieger stated on 6.19.14:


“The redesigned Framework is best described as a curricular coup. The College Board now imposes detailed ‘required knowledge’ that is very different from the curriculum mandated by state curriculum guides.  For example, the College Board commissioned a group of Texas teachers to determine how well the mandated Texas state curriculum (TEKS) correlates with the  new APUSH Framework. They found a shocking lack of correlation.  In Units 6 – 9 alone of the APUSH framework, the teachers found 181 TEKS elements omitted from the APUSH. And the Texas situation is repeated in many other states that will see their mandated history curriculum displaced by the radical new APUSH Framework.”
















6.22.14 — “Urgent: AP US History Framework Tied to Common Core – Illegal in Texas” —  by Donna Garner – http://www.educationviews.org/ap-history-framework-tied-common-core-illegal-texas/



Donna Garner






“Huge Concerns with New AP U. S. History Course – Resource Links”

By Donna Garner



[Please be sure to notice the bios for Jane Robbins and Larry Krieger that are posted toward the top of the article.]












8.22.14 – “Pushing American History As a Long Tale of Oppression” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. of Scholars — http://www.nas.org/articles/pushing_american_history_as_a_long_tale_of_oppression



8.19.14 – “29 Biased Statements in the AP U. S. History Redesign” – by Larry Krieger — Heartland.org http://news.heartland.org/newspaper-article/2014/08/19/29-biased-statements-ap-us-history-redesign



8.15.14 — “Why Won’t the College Board Reveal its AP U.S. History Authors?” — by Larry Krieger and Jane Robbins — http://www.educationviews.org/wont-college-board-reveal-ap-u-s-history-authors/



8.13.14 — PODCAST – Alice Linahan Conference Call – Discussion of the new AP U. S. History Course (including the Framework and the new AP U. S. History test itself) and dual credit courses — https://soundcloud.com/alice-linahan/women-on-the-wall-conference-call-ap-advanced-placement-and-dual-credit-is-it-a-good-thing


8.9.14 – “Ken Mercer: The Texas Voice in the Uphill Battle To Push APUSH Back” – by Merrill Hope — Breitbart Texashttp://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/08/09/Ken-Mercer-The-Texas-Voice-In-The-Uphill-Battle-To-Push-APUSH-Back/



8.9.14 — “Child Abuse – Destroying Children’s Love for America” – Donna Garner —




8.7.14 – “New AP U. S. History:  Greatest Americans missing from proposed curriculum” – by Rhett Miller — FoxNews.comhttp://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/08/07/historic-fail-greatest-americans-missing-from-proposed-curriculum/



8.6.14 — “Anti-American AP U. S. History Course & Links to APUSH Documents” –by Donna Garner — http://www.educationviews.org/anti-american-ap-u-s-history-links-apush-documents/



8.1.14 — “Chock-Full of Info – Saving America’s Youth” — by Donna Garner —



7.13.14 – “The New AP U. S. History Exam – Deal or No Deal?” – by Jane Robbins, Larry Krieger – Breitbarthttp://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/07/13/The-New-AP-US-History-Exam-Deal-or-No-Deal


7.10.14 – “Update on AP U. S. History” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. Of Scholars http://www.nas.org/articles/update_on_ap_us_history



7.7.14 – “Look What the College Board Has Done to U. S. History” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso of Scholars — http://www.nas.org/articles/look_what_the_college_board_has_done_to_u.s._history



7.1.14 – “The New AP History: A Preliminary Report” – by Peter Wood – Nat. Asso. of Scholarshttp://www.nas.org/articles/the_new_ap_history_a_preliminary_report



Here is what USED to be in the 5-page APUSH – Course Description – Effective Fall 2010 — Please go to pp. 7 – 12 to see the Themes in AP U. S. History.



Here is the link to the new 98-page, anti-American, 2014 APUSH – Course and Exam Description Including Curriculum Framework – Effective Fall 2014:  http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-course-exam-descriptions/ap-us-history-course-and-exam-description.pdf

Please view The Concept Outline in the new 2014 APUSH on pp. 28 – 37: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-course-exam-descriptions/ap-us-history-course-and-exam-description.pdf

Here are the Related Articles in the 2014 APUSH Course Content:


9.3.14 – Heartland





Why Does the College Board Hate George Washington and MLK?



Excerpts from this article:


What does the College Board have against George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr? Although these men are two of America’s greatest heroes, the College Board’s “redesigned” Advanced Placement U. S. History (APUSH) Framework shoves them aside. Washington’s contribution is limited to a sentence fragment referencing his Farewell Address. King fares even worse—the Framework completely omits the nation’s greatest civil rights leader…

Why did they omit King? Perhaps because his famous “Dream” was, as he eloquently explained, “deeply rooted in the American dream,” which is in turn firmly anchored in the inspiring set of ideals embodied in American exceptionalism.

…The omission of King and his “I Have a Dream” speech fits into a broader pattern of scrubbing out any trace of American exceptionalism.

…The APUSH Framework has ignited a storm of protests. Outraged citizens, bloggers, commentators, and historians have all criticized the Framework’s biased treatment of American history. The Republican National Committee has unanimously passed a resolution demanding the College Board rescind the new Framework and restore its previous Topic Outline.





9.2.14 – Truth in American Education





U.S. History Instruction Damaged By Common Core Literacy Standards” – TAE


To download the new report just published by Pioneer Institute – “Imperiling  the Republic:  The Fate of U. S. History Instruction Under Common Core”  — http://pioneerinstitute.org/download/imperiling-the-republic-the-fate-of-u-s-history-instruction-under-common-core/

Excerpts from the TAE article about the Pioneer Institute’s white paper:


Common Core’s standards writers also call for the “cold reading” of historical documents without any background knowledge to place them in the appropriate historical context.  David Coleman, the principal author of the Common Core ELA standards, says that excluding texts’ historical context helps “level the playing field.”

… there are no themes on federalism, separation of powers, the Federalist Papers, or the Gettysburg Address.  The curriculum doesn’t ask teachers to teach about Benjamin Franklin and contains no mention of Thomas Jefferson or James Madison.  The events of September 11, 2001 are never referred to as a terrorist attack.

…The co-authors [Ralph Ketcham, Sandra Stotsky, Anders Lewis] recommend that local education governing bodies replace the College Board’s new A.P. U.S. History curriculum with the common civic core spelled out in Educating Democracy, which was published in 2003 by the Albert Shanker Institute.


Donna Garner


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