Leftists Continue Ruining the World of Comics

Sep 30, 2017 by

“If I had a magic button I could push that would magically kill every GOP politician in Washington, I would push it and then take a nap.”

Once upon a time, comic books were kid-friendly. Children read about Casper the Friendly Ghost, Donald Duck, and Charlie Brown; Batman was G-rated; and the more sophisticated adolescents explored the tame universe of Archie and Veronica.

Today, the comics sphere has been taken over by 35-year-olds with PS4s. Subsequently, like many of the most popular video games, comic books now regularly feature sexual storylines and vulgar language. As the former wholesome world of Jimmy Olsen and The Lone Ranger transforms from an industry that sold Sea-Monkeys and magic tricks to one pedaling “progressive” mores, leftists are moving in to spread their world view and dismantle traditional values.

Among the new generation of comics writers, there is a disturbing obsession with social justice. Gone are the classic characters appealing to mainstream America. Radicals are turning conventional comics on their head, all for the purpose of political indoctrination.

Case in point: Jem and the Holograms, the once-popular example to young girls that chicks rock, now reminds the young and impressionable that chicks make out: Stormer, keytar player for the title characters’ rival band, is a fat lesbian. Furthermore, she enjoys liplocking with Jem’s little sister.

They’re “truly, truly, truly outrageous,” as the Jem and the Hologram theme song says.

At home in this new era of comics activism is writer Ross Campbell, who is currently calling himself “Sophie.” Campbell has replaced the central Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character April with a short-haired, dumpy, Lena Dunham look-alike. He’s also given the world the TMNT crew-cut-bearing, lesbian motorbiker, Natsu.

When he’s not creating shaved-headed lesbians for children to enjoy, Campbell tweets his political fantasies, like this beauty from Tuesday: “If I had a magic button I could push that would magically kill every GOP politician in Washington, I would push it and then take a nap.”

But don’t forget: it’s conservatives who are hateful.

As the Left tightens its stranglehold on the institutions that make up our culture, their activist push to “fundamentally transform” society rather than reflect it inches us closer to a time when they are in fact the mirror of the world they have made. We have to push back, limit their influence, protect our children, and take back America before it’s too late.

Source: Leftists Continue Ruining the World of Comics | Truth Revolt

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