Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened Thursday’s “Ingraham Angle” warning about the Left’s “systemic radicalism” and the push to teach “Anti-Racist Curriculum” in schools around the nation.

INGRAHAM: The killing of George Floyd last May gave them the moral cover to shame quivering white liberals into giving into their demands.  Activists guilted suburban women, nervous kids, and goofy millennials to support supportive hashtags. They posted them all last May and June. Companies wrote huge checks to BLM to avoid being targeted.  Big city mayors empathized with, and even joined, social justice protest as looters and violent rioters caused massive damage all around. Even Mitt Romney got into the act.  He’s so cool!  

What Mitt probably didn’t understand was that it was never about standing up for equal justice for Black Americans. It was always about a full blown revolution, a series of moves designed to completely upend American society. And the only way to really accomplish that is by changing how and what we teach our kids. They want to control language, instill fear, and enforce rules with explicit and implicit threats, and of course in some cases life-altering punishment.

Enter the twisted notion of what the “Anti-Racist Curriculum” really is. It’s largely the brainchild of people like Ibram Kendi. It embodies their supposed aim of promoting “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” in our schools.  The acronym D-E-I. In this case stands for Divisive. Erroneous and Insidious or Insipid or Invidious take your pick.