Legislation would help Wisconsin schools keep traditional nicknames

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MADISON, Wis. – It may soon become more difficult for politically correct busybodies to purge Wisconsin schools of race-based nicknames they claim are offensive.

Mukwonago logoOn Thursday, Republican lawmakers introduced legislation that “would require anyone seeking to change a school nickname to get enough petition signatures from district residents to equal or exceed one-tenth of the number of district students,” reports the Associated Press.

Plainly stated, the politically correct do-gooders would actually have to demonstrate a school nickname is causing a problem – harassment, discrimination or stereotyping – within the community, before they’re allowed to “fix” it.

Final decisions about potential name and mascot changes would be made by the state’s Department of Administration, which is controlled by the governor.

That’s a complete reversal of the current policy – adopted by Democrats in 2010 – that “allows a single person to file a complaint, places the burden of proof on a district to show the nickname isn’t discriminatory and allows the Department of Public Instruction to order name changes,” the AP notes.

The proposed legislation would also cancel any pending school nickname changes, presumably forcing those complaints to be handled under the terms of the new process.

Under the current policy, the state has ordered three school districts with Native American-related nicknames to make a change. The Mukwonago district has defied the order, ands several residents of that district filed a lawsuit to reverse it.

A Waukesha County judge initially ruled in the residents’ favor, but an appeals court overturned that decision. The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently announced that it would not hear the case.

That means the only hope for Mukwonago and the other targeted districts is to have the current state law altered. And how that might actually happen.

The AP reports “the bill’s prospects look good,” and that lawmakers could vote on it this fall.

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