Lenin’s Stubborn Facts

Apr 10, 2016 by

Malcolm A. Kline –

Lenin famously said that facts are stubborn things, and they are, no matter how much his fans in academia try to hide them.  “Currently the public and academic view of markets is distorted,”  Paul Dragos Aligica of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University said at the Philadelphia Society’s annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina last weekend.

A fellowship of conservative intellectuals, the Philadelphia Society was formed in 1964 in the wake of the Goldwater defeat. “I grew up in Romania and have undertaken a study of the steps taken under communism,” Aligicia said. “There are two: Taking the markets out of the system; and 50-60 years later, trying to put the markets back in the system.”

“They try to eliminate entire disciplines from the curriculum that have anything to do with the market and replace them with elements of the communist curricula with enforcement officers at every institution. Obviously you can take this system of measures and look around.”

Source: Lenin’s Stubborn Facts

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