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Less than 5% of Nation’s Colleges are Worth the Cost

May 14, 2013 by

Former U.S. secretary of education Bill Bennett said he has analyzed the cost and benefit of our nation’s colleges and universities and found that very few are worth what students have to pay.

“We have about 21 million people in higher education, and about half the people who start four year colleges don’t finish,” Bennett told The Daily Ticker. “Those who do finish, who graduated in 2011 – half were either unemployed or radically underemployed and in debt.”

He determined in his study that only 150 of the nation’s 3500 universities are worth the cost and provide an adequate return on investment. That means more than 95% of colleges and universities are not worth the cost, in his estimation.

via Former Secretary of Education: Less than 5% of Nation’s Colleges are Worth the Cost.

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