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“Lessons Learned from Roy Moore Vs. Doug Jones Race for U. S. Senate”

By Donna Garner



To:  Alabamans who voted for Doug Jones and the 22,819 who chose to do a write-in


Message:  Doug Jones is not a moderate; he is a leftwing Democrat who will undoubtedly vote:  


For the Common Core social justice agenda and for more federal control of our nation’s schools

For Planned Parenthood and abortions at any time during pregnancy, including late-term abortions

For free-access of transgendered predators to women’s bathrooms

For the LGBTQ agenda

For sexual orientation and gender identity laws

For same-sex marriage

For gun control

For whatever George Soros’s MoveOn.org wants

For the impeachment of Donald Trump

For more government spending

For the lottery system and chain migration

For liberal judges

For raising taxes on the rich – class warfare

For redistribution of wealth

For anything Pelosi and Schumer support

Against Israel

Against the repeal of ObamaCare

Against conservative Supreme Court Justices

Against being tough on crime

Against strongly supporting law enforcement personnel

Against the build-up of the military

Against illegal immigration

Against the Second Amendment and the right to carry

Against tax cuts

Against border wall



Yes, elections have consequences; bad elections have bad consequences. I predict that people in Alabama and all around the United States will regret the day that Doug Jones was elected to the U. S. Senate. I thought we had already learned this lesson under the miserable eight years of the Obama administration.  I guess not.  


Important Point #1: No physical evidence that would be admissible in court was ever produced by Roy Moore’s accusers of 40 years ago – just accusations, many of which were debunked as being false.


Important Point #2:  Those accusations did not surface for 40 years, only to be published in the left-leaning Washington Post a few weeks before this all-important election for the U. S. Senate. How many authentic “sexual predators” commit sexual misconduct 40 years ago yet live a completely reputable, admirable life thereafter?  


Important Point #3:  Notice the differences between Roy Moore’s life (a man who gave up the prestige of the bench two times because of his conscientious beliefs in conservative principles) vs. the following, most of whom have admitted to their sexual misconduct and/or who have publicly been widely known for their salacious lifestyle:  Ben Affleck, Mark Halperin, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Casey Affleck, Kevin Spacey, Richard Dreyfuss, Russell Simmons, Mario Batali, Matt Lauer, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Joe Barton, Garrison Keillor, Trent Franks, Charlie Rose, Harold Ford, Glenn Thrush, and Al Franken. 


Important Point #4: Do women bear any responsibility for the consequences of their own behavior? Women who typically participate in dirty jokes/alcohol/drugs and/or wear sexually stimulating clothing (or lack thereof) send a clear signal to men.  Then when this signal is acted upon by the male, it is disingenuous for the woman to cry “foul” and act as if she has been sexually assaulted when she herself has invited the attention. Women do have power over men, and we need to exercise that power wisely and within the confines of a moral compass.      

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