Let’s call a halt to this tutoring arms race

Sep 18, 2015 by

Lining the children up and filling them with knowledge is not only joyless and narrow minded – it’s also ethnically divisive

David Boyle –

Anyone who wanders around public buildings in the late afternoon can see tutors hard at work. The children are decanted straight from school to a set of desks, often with the smell of chlorine wafting in from a swimming pool next door.

Tutoring is now big business, costing anything up to £1,000 an hour (though more usually, at least for a personal tutor, about £40). I’ve heard of children being tutored from the age of five. I’m not saying I would never send my own children to a tutor – it rather depends what happens – but five is too young.

So, it seems to me, is seven. Yet figures revealed this week by Newcastle University and the NatCen social research institute showed that as many as 5% of the nation’s seven-year-olds now have some kind of tutoring.

What has always confused me is why people put their children through this. But the new figures do provide some clues, because they offer a fascinating breakdown along ethnic lines.

Source: Let’s call a halt to this tutoring arms race | David Boyle | Comment is free | The Guardian

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