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By Donna Garner

I have always had difficulties accepting injustice. As a classroom teacher, I frequently had to defend my students and my fellow teachers against unjust attacks on their character by people who wanted to hurt them.

This is the same scenario that I see being waged against Herman Cain. From the very minute Politico ran with its story on 10.27.11, we have heard a deluge of innuendos, whispers, unsubstantiated allegations, inferences, snide remarks, hearsay, and all types of undocumented references, none of which would stand a chance in a court of law because of their lack of verifiability.

Yet the American people have swallowed this story hook, line, and sinker; and all of this has occurred just at the exact time when Herman Cain rose to the top of the polls and became the choice of us conservative voters.

I find too many charges against Cain that simply defy good logic, starting with a point Erick Erickson of RedState.com made this morning: “A woman [Ginger White] claims that she and Herman Cain had a thirteen year affair…If the woman is to be believed, even while Herman Cain was battling Stage V colon cancer, he was carrying on with her behind his wife’s back.”


We know about Sharon Bialek, the woman who had her big moment on nationwide TV with Gloria Allred. Bialek had such an unstable past that even the leftist media came to doubt her story. (Please read “Who Is Cain’s Accuser? Sharon Bialek” — 11.7.11 — http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/iteam&id=8422203).

T. J. Ward, a private investigator using specially designed voice software utilized by 70 U. S. law enforcement agencies with a 95% success rate, concluded that Cain did not lie when he denied Bialek’s charges on nationwide TV.


Once “outed” by her brother, Karen Kraushaar admitted she was the mysterious woman at the NRA who had filed allegations against Cain for sexual harassment. After several days went by while the story was widely circulated in the public, we finally learned that Kraushaar just happens to work as a spokesperson for the Obama administration.

If Kraushaar had really had a legitimate sexual harassment case at the NRA, she would never have agreed to the meager severance package but instead would have gone after Herman Cain’s large bank account through litigation.


Ann Coulter in her 11.9.11 article explained how all of these “characters” at the NRA in Chicago were tied together in various ways to David Axelrod, Obama’s henchman. For instance, Sheila O’Grady, a close associate of David Axelrod’s, was Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley’s chief of staff and left that job to go straight to becoming the president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), thus giving O’Grady access to Herman Cain’s personnel records at the NRA.

When people began to point the finger at O’Grady as the possible leaker, she made the hard-to-believe statement that she did not even know Herman Cain.

Another fact revealed by Coulter is that Bialek lived in Axelrod’s apartment building in Chicago. (http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-11-09.html)


Now let’s look at Ginger White’s background as reported by the New York Times on 11.28.11 —

Quotes from this article:

Ms. White is an unemployed single mother. Before the interview, Fox learned that she had filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer in 2001. That case was settled. The station also found a bankruptcy filing nearly 23 years ago in Kentucky, and several eviction notices in the Atlanta area over the past six years.

The station also reported that Ms. White had a former business partner who once sought a “stalking temporary protective order” against her for “repeated e-mails/texts threatening lawsuit and defamation of character.” The case was dismissed, but it was followed by a libel lawsuit against Ms. White. A judge entered an order against Ms. White because she failed to respond to the lawsuit, Fox reported. (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/29/us/politics/cain-accused-of-affair-by-ginger-white.html?_r=2 )

With this sort of shady background, Ginger White may very well have been stalking Herman Cain. She may have had an imaginary obsession with him. After all, he is a millionaire; a high-profile, prominent, Afro-American who is articulate and is running for the Presidency.

As with the other women, Ginger White may have had a need for prominence so that she could strike some sort of financial deal for herself. One can only imagine what the Obama campaign, the DNC, and/or Politico might pay to force Herman Cain off national radar screen.

Ginger White obviously had Herman Cain’s private cell phone number, but the secular world needs to understand what it is that Christians do. We help people. We particularly minister to those who are in spiritual, financial, psychological, and/or emotional need.

Herman Cain is an associate pastor of his church; and as a generous Christian who has given away millions to help those in need, he may have tried to help Ginger with her financial problems. After all, she was an unemployed mother of two children. Cain may have given her his cell phone number and told her to call him if she had an emergency. Compassionate pastors often do this in a humble attempt to help people who are down and out. Who knows?

White showed the media some of her cell phone bills starting in September 2011. These included 61 phone calls or text messages to or from a number starting with 678. Some of the calls were made during the night hours. However, were those made from Herman to Ginger or from Ginger to Herman? In fact, our family gets calls from unknown callers during the night quite frequently.

If Ginger White has indeed had an affair for 13 years with Cain, where are the phone records and text messages going back further than September 2011? Are there any explicit and sexual text messages from Cain that clearly show he was having an affair with White? To my knowledge none have been presented so far.

White claims Cain signed a few books for her, but these inscriptions sound more like a book author who was at a book signing event and wrote down whatever the patron asked him to write: “Friends are forever! Everything else is a bonus.” This is the type of inscription that a Christian would write because it means friends in life are really important and that everything else in life is of a secondary nature by comparison.


One other point that defies logic — Why would Herman Cain, who is a smart and savvy businessman and politician, have decided to put himself into the Presidential race knowing that the leftist media would be sure to ferret out his 13-year sordid relationship with Ginger White?


In analyzing this whole “lynching” of Herman Cain, it set me to thinking about how vulnerable I myself could be if I were ever to seek political office. I am sure that I have had at least 61 phone calls with the fellow who employed me to help develop an education website some years ago. If I were to run for political office, someone could easily pull up that many phone calls and accuse me of whatever they wanted to say. Many of those phone calls were made late at night because he and I both were working at other jobs during the day. Not only phone calls, but we actually drove around the Central Texas area upon several occasions going from one school district to the next to sell our website.

To someone who wanted to destroy me politically, it would have made no difference that I was more than 25 years older than my employer. The leftist news agencies would not have cared that my boss was a committed Christian who had been married for many years and that my husband and I have recently celebrated our 48th anniversary.

By the way, the news agencies have tried to make a big deal over Gloria Cain’s statement to Greta Van Susteren in which Gloria admitted, “Our marriage has not been perfect. [but] we have loved each other for 43 years.”

I am here to attest to the fact that no marriage is perfect, and I appreciate Gloria Cain’s honest answer. Every marriage has crises, health problems, financial concerns, and unexpected problems that arise; but Gloria’s statement that she and Herman have continued to love each other through the highs and lows of life is a demonstration of their commitment to each other and to God.


I want to make one more plea to America. “Please do not jump to false conclusions about Herman Cain based upon baseless charges. This is the political season, and it well could be that those who want to destroy a strong, conservative, Afro-American candidate with the ability to beat Obama may be behind this diabolical scheme.

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