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Your Hometown Heroes all show great idealism, ingenuity and sense of adventure. With flair and spirit they are educating kids in ways that transcend textbooks and curriculum. There are other “hometown heroes” who won’t make the cut because of controversies. They too go beyond the call of duty, but in their cases they not only don’t get praised by the Department of Education but must defy it. They are over-represented in the ATR pool as they were in the former “rubber rooms.”

These are educators who buck the system, refuse warnings to “play the game” and thereby take chances with their careers. Some of them are “whistle-blowers” who have stood up for children by standing up against a system where scandals like “credit recovery”, falsified grades, fudged data and withheld state-mandated services are tolerated, countenanced and sometimes ordered. If a teacher had uncovered the recently- exposed scandal of the 100 million dollars of unaccounted “Leadership Academy” squandering, that hero would be in hot water more scalding than the center of the earth.

Educators who fight injustices in an Agency disposed to retribution are not only heroes, they are daredevils. But they’re not in it for the glory or the grandeur and they will not retreat into compliance or anonymity.

They are also hometown heroes.  All the more so for being unsung!

Ron Isaac

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