Letter: Is California’s ‘millionaires’ tax’ revenue all going to employees?

Mar 27, 2013 by

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Last November, government unions and Gov. Jerry Brown pulled out all the stops for Prop. 30, the so-called millionaires’ tax.

Voters were asked to pass the levy to provide more revenue for public schools, colleges and universities in the state, and they responded in kind.

The unions had a vested interest in seeing the tax increase pass.

John Julius, a letter writer to the Press-Enterprise. points out the obvious:

To those who bought into Gov. Jerry Brown’s impassioned plea that the Prop. 30 tax increases were “for the children,” thanks for nothing (“Union giveaway,” Our Views, March 16).

The money was to go to the classrooms to help the children.

Well, the Riverside Unified district’s $12.5 million in largesse went to the teachers and other employees. I guess the teachers union is more important than the children.

You and your supporters fooled us again, Brown.

Perhaps a lot of voters learned a lesson this time around. We’ll certainly find out, because Brown and other supporters of the “emergency” millionaires’ tax can be counted on to come back for more within the next few years.

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