Letter to N.H. newspaper highlights why unions hate private school vouchers

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CONCORD, N.H. – A resident of Atkinson, New Hampshire explained to readers of the Eagle-Tribune why competition between public and private schools is a good thing for all students.

The issue is especially relevant as state lawmakers consider legislation that would eliminate a tax credit scholarship program designed to send students struggling in certain public schools to better private schools. She also sheds light on why teachers unions are allegedly spreading misinformation in support of the legislation.

Arlene Quaratiello’s letter to the editor of the Eagle-Tribune:

Opponents of New Hampshire’s new education tax credit scholarships, which will be eliminated if HB 370 is passed, claim that these scholarships will financially harm public schools. Although the law providing these scholarships may decrease enrollment at public schools and increase it at private schools, this will not negatively impact public school students themselves.

While the overall number of teaching jobs will not change either, private schools may experience an increase in their need for teachers while public schools will experience a decrease. Because of this anticipated result, teachers unions have been waging a war to pass HB 370 and eliminate education tax credit scholarships. They have been brainwashing parents with the fear that these so-called “vouchers” will take money away from public school students and that their children’s education will suffer.

Educating our children effectively should be our priority, not employing and compensating teachers. Education tax credit scholarships may force some public school teachers to give up those pricey union benefits that we taxpayers end up paying for. These benefits have contributed to a per-pupil cost in New Hampshire that has almost doubled over the past 10 years. At the same time, many private schools do a better job teaching our kids for a much lower price.

Public schools could learn a thing or two from these private schools. If HB 370 is defeated, public schools will have to compete with their private counterparts, and this competition will result in better education for all of our children.

Arlene Quaratiello

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