Letter to The New York Post About Success Academy’s Graduation Rate

May 5, 2020 by

The Post’s report that all 98 of the graduating seniors at Success Academy’s HS of Liberal Arts were accepted by colleges (“Academy Awards”, 5/2) implies that academic achievement at such charter schools puts their public school counterparts to shame.

It was yet another editorial posing as a news story.   It was a teaser for actual editorial in the same issue.

That editorial accused public schools and their teachers union of shooting down the “soaring dreams” of students, denying them learning opportunities, prioritizing the needs of the adult staff over those of children, and obstructing communication between instructors and students because the teachers union “won’t allow it”.

That and more.

Just a few factual “flies in the ointment” of the Success Academy whitewash:

According to an independent investigative blogger, one-seventh of the seniors who had been at the school since 3rd grade were dropped from its rolls within the last 6 months. Between 2018 and 2020, they lost one-third of their senior class of 2020.

They jettisoned all the students they didn’t care to keep and retained those who would appear to totally vindicate their prophesy of success.  No wonder the data looks rosy!  Like a poisoned apple!

Public schools do not bar, bully and boot students. Success Academy does.

And why are those dozens of beaming college-bound graduates in the Post’s recent photo standing shoulder-to-shoulder, cheek-to-cheek without masks? Are CEO Eva Moskowitz’s scholars exempt from social distancing rules too?

Ron Isaac

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