Leveling standards takes education to all time low

Oct 6, 2015 by

Bob Kellogg –

An author from the non-partisan Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts examines the quality of Common Core English and math standards and finds them deficient.

Peter W. Wood, author of Drilling through the Core, points out that national polls find the Common Core standards have been permanently discredited among the general public, parents, and teachers.


“The battle is not over,” he adds. “The battle for public opinion has been I think decisively turned against Common Core, but we live in a moment in our country’s history where public opinion is not everything.”

Wood says the creators of the Core want to level the playing field so that children with middle class, two-parent homes don’t have an advantage over those who do not.

“En masse probably, the advantages of the playing field are leveled by creating a way of teaching math that is so convoluted that no parent could possibly help a son or daughter with homework or figure out a problem,” he says.

Wood attributes GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s continual decline in the polls, in part, to his strong support of the Common Core.


Source: Leveling standards takes education to all time low

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