Lewisville Test Score Woes May Signal Trouble to Come for ETS

Apr 25, 2016 by

School district will spend over $50,000 to check for more erroneous scores.

Weeks after more than 14,000 students across Texas found that their answers on a state-required test had been accidentally deleted, administrators in Lewisville schools are working to determine the scope of a separate problem. In this case, some high school English students’ short handwritten answers were incorrectly scored zero, jeopardizing their chances to graduate.

Administrators in Lewisville noticed the problem with the high school English tests the district administered in December. In a few cases, the zero scores put students below a passing grade on the STAAR exam, which the state requires for high school graduation. Unlike most school districts, Lewisville ISD gives its high school English exams in the fall semester, which means the district may be among the first to recognize problems that will prove more widespread after the spring test results come back in June.

Lewisville has already paid the state’s test vendor, Educational Testing Service, $3,225 to review the suspicious scores, 20 percent of which came back with a higher grade. On Monday, the Lewisville Independent School District board approved spending up to $48,250 more to review all of the tests it believes could have been mis-scored.

The Lewisville Texan Journal reported Monday that board members were, in the words of one member, “flat ticked off” about footing the bill to have ETS double-check its own grading.

Source: Lewisville Test Score Woes May Signal Trouble to Come for ETS

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