LGBT ‘Shame List’ Includes Christian Colleges with No Documented Discrimination Incidents

Sep 15, 2016 by

A recent “shame” list which purported to rank the institutions of higher education that are the least LGBT-friendly included several Christian colleges with no documented history of discrimination.

The organization behind the list, Campus Pride, sought to create a list of institutions that were engaging in practices counter to the interests of the LGBT community.

When the pro-LGBT group was asked for documented proof of the incidents that occurred, they vaguely suggested that criteria for the “shame” list is based on the general “harms of religion-based bigotry” rather than a documented record of specific incidents.

Asked for an in-depth summary of documented incidents of LGBT discrimination at schools whose listings don’t mention any, a Campus Pride spokeswoman reiterated the criteria for inclusion on the list.

These 102 “absolute worst” institutions “have chosen to openly discriminate against LGBTQ youth and have requested Title IX exemptions to perpetuate the harms of religion-based bigotry,” according to the group’s press release last month.

Despite the lack of actual incidents, Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer wrote an editorial for NBC News asking corporations to cease their business relationships with the religious institutions named in the shame list.

“Corporations also have a choice to exercise their values. Don’t donate to these campuses. Don’t recruit or hire at these colleges,” Windmeyer said. “Simply choose not to do business with those who choose discrimination over inclusion and diversity.”

Source: LGBT ‘Shame List’ Includes Christian Colleges with No Documented Discrimination Incidents – Breitbart

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