LGBT students: Sex and gender are not the same thing

Dec 2, 2013 by

A student group at Mills College in Oakland, Calif. is exploring new grammar territory with its discussions of “preferred gender pronouns” or PGP for short.

Members of the group Mouthing Off! are helping shape gender references that are beginning to spread into the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) communities on campuses throughout the US and the world, and will inevitably appear in societal references of all types.

Here’s a list of terms and pronouns that will eventually be cropping up in text and conversation:

“ze,” “sie,” “e,” “ou,” “ve,” third-person-singular “they,” “agender,” “bi-gender,” “third gender” or “gender-fluid.”

This is bound to cause big headaches for linguists, writers and grammar-correctors everywhere. There will be heated debates about what to call people who don’t consider themselves to be male or female.

Maybe there will be a resurgence of that old tried and true phrase, “Hey, you!”

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