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The problem is the absolute refusal of government and individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions. Like a broken record, it’s always something or someone else’s fault.

Exclusive: Creek Stewart traces liberal ‘thinking’ to 1 core philosophy

As a rational thinker, it’s always been incredibly difficult for me to understand why the liberal left is so eager to blame guns every time some psycho goes on a shooting spree. There seems to be such a disconnect in logic – blaming an inanimate object for a crime clearly committed by a living, thinking human being.

People have been killing other people since the beginning of time, and modern firearms just came onto the scene a few hundred years ago. The issue is infinitely more complex than “banning guns.” I wish it were that easy, but the solution to reducing violence is so much deeper than simply taking away the things people use to kill others. That’s ridiculous.

But it’s not just this argument that I can’t follow. I have trouble understanding most of the arguments that come from the liberal left. I finally figured out why. The general principles of the liberal left agenda exist in the absence of personal responsibility. They simply will not and cannot admit that people are responsible for their own actions. If they do, the agenda begins to crumble. The entire foundation rests on completely ignoring personal responsibility and the consequences of one’s own choices.

Let’s take a few simple examples.

  • GUNS: People don’t kill people, guns do.
  • ENTITLEMENTS: You are not responsible for the series of events that led you here, big business and the rich have caused your misfortune.
  • FORECLOSURE: You didn’t buy a house you couldn’t afford; the bank should have never given you that loan. It’s their fault.
  • PREGNANCY: Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, here is an easier way out.
  • BUSINESS: You didn’t build your own small business, someone else did.
  • AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: You can’t do it on your own merit, you need special privileges.
  • IMMIGRATION: It’s not your fault that you’ve entered the United States illegally; you can have all of the education, health care and benefits of our legal tax-paying citizens. Sorry if you were offended while illegally crossing our border.

At the end of the day, the liberal left is very happy with the direction this country is headed. It’s only the conservatives who aren’t. Liberals love higher taxes, more laws, more regulation and more government control. And they clearly have no issue with back-breaking debt. They take pride in the fact that entitlement programs such as welfare are growing by leaps and bounds. They believe that regardless of effort or risk, all individuals deserve the same reward. They believe that individuals, as a whole, are not capable of making good decisions or dealing with the consequences of their own actions. They take joy in removing God from public schools and institutions and genuinely believe there are no moral consequences for doing so. Any admission that personal responsibility has anything at all to do with the problems we are facing in this country is admitting that everything they work so diligently to promote is failing miserably.

The problem with our country is not rich people or a lack of regulation or too many guns or not enough taxes. The problem is the absolute refusal of government and individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions. Like a broken record, it’s always something or someone else’s fault.

News flash: “It’s not someone else’s fault, it’s yours.”

A government who believes at their core that individuals are not responsible for their own actions is a government who believes that individuals are not capable of making their own decisions. The current administration’s war on guns has nothing to do with violence. It has everything to do with not trusting its citizens.

There is a new breed of government dependents who have been trained into believing they are not good enough and that they can’t make it on their own merit. Worse yet, these individuals are rewarded with handouts for not trying. Then, they are consoled with the affirmation that their unfortunate situation is someone else’s fault. It is a liberal philosophy that absolutely kills work ethic and destroys the desire to overcome adversity. Those that do achieve success are told they did not do it on their own. The successful are penalized and vilified for refusing to be victims. Government leaders who want to control citizens are threatened by successful people who have a “take-charge” mentality. A victim personality is much easier to control.

But America wasn’t founded by victims; it was founded by people who took personal responsibility for their future. This is the key to success.

As a conservative, I believe in people. I feel sorry for the huge populous of citizens who have been brainwashed by the left into believing that their misfortune is someone else’s fault. I believe that people can make their own decisions and are ultimately in control of their own destiny.

But I also believe in fully taking responsibility for my own actions. Because of this, I know that most problems can be traced back to individual choices.

The consequences of no personal responsibility (from our government leaders and regular citizens) are loud and clear: If you refuse to blame people for their actions, then I guess you have to blame something else, like guns – even if it makes no rational sense at all.

via This is why the left blames guns.

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