Why You Should Get Your License Before You Go Off to University

Feb 16, 2017 by

Getting your driver’s license while you’re still in school does more than just bump up your social status. It gives you easier access to after-school jobs, quicker discounts on insurance rates and a new level of freedom and independence that you just can’t get riding around in the passenger seat of your parents’ car.

If you’re thinking of delaying the process of obtaining a license, or perhaps haven’t given it much thought yet, here are five legitimate reasons to consider learning to drive now:

  1. The longer you’re on the record as a licensed driver, the more your insurance rates are likely to decrease. Most insurance companies are willing to reward the fact that with time comes experience. Experienced drivers tend to have fewer mishaps and file fewer claims, making them highly insurable. Even if you don’t have access to a car right away, going through the motions of obtaining a license will start the clock ticking to significant savings.
  1. Your world becomes significantly larger once you have more freedom to come and go at will. Having your license means not having to wait for someone else to take you out. It means more time spent with friends in the morning and afternoon as you carpool to and from school together. You’ll also have the option of driving to faraway places that your parents may not have the time to take you.
  2. Getting your license while you’re still in school may be easier than pursuing it once you’ve gone off to university. Living at home as a school student is usually a pretty good gig. You have few bills, free rent, and tons of excess time on your hands. Once this is over and you’re out in the world trying to make your way, your free time will likely be eaten up by jobs and studying.

    Whilst you have plenty of time on your hands, you could make use of learning to drive through an intensive driving course that you can pass in just the space of a week. With these courses, you will have 4 hour lessons throughout various days of the week and if successful, you’ll have your license by the end of it. This would be almost impossible to do at university because you simply won’t have the time to spare, and may have to look at standard driving lessons throughout the year.

  3. Having your license gives you the opportunity to pay your parents back for all the years they’ve spent driving you to and from school (amongst other places). Look at this as a chance to help make things a little easier on them. With new independence comes greater responsibility. Instead of them having to put their evenings on hold to act as a taxi driver to you (and your siblings), give them a night off. You can also use this to your advantage and make deals with them based around you being the driver.
  4. Being a licensed driver also looks great on job applications. If it should come down to you with a license and another candidate without, the odds are high that you’ll be the one who gets the call. Dealing with employees who have to rely on public transportation or other people to get them to and from work is often a hassle. It also means that you can get in easily if you need to cover someone else’s shift. More and more job applications are actually making it a necessity to have a licence, even if driving isn’t a part of the job.

While the process of obtaining a license takes commitment and work on your part, don’t let these be reasons for not trying. There are plenty of schools and courses out there to help you reach your goal. All you have to do is reach out and accept them. Opportunity is all around you when you’re young and just starting to forge your way in the world. Having your driver’s license will help you find it faster.

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