Lifelong Learning is the Key to Happiness

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Over the course of your career, and indeed your life, there is one thing you need to ensure you are doing constantly: learning.

Learning is a fundamental aspect of life. It is what leads us to new experiences and opportunities. It satisfies our innate curiosity and defines who we are and who we may become. Learning isn’t just about reading through textbooks or taking more tests at school; it is about the exploration of ideas and critical thinking.

One of the most fundamental changes to the way we learn in recent years has, of course, been the rise of the internet. Where before you would have had to spend hours trawling through books in the library, Google now offers you the ability to search through billions of references at the touch of a few buttons and a smartly chosen keyword. The information is there as long as you know how to access it and understand it.

But search isn’t the only way that the digital age has changed the way we learn: we are now able to take courses, research ideas and self-publish to the world. As the internet has grown so too have our opportunities and now, with so much information at our fingertips, the world is our oyster.

Online courses, in particular, have changed the way that we become qualified and progress in our careers. Where you might have been forced to take a sabbatical before in order to attend classes or lectures, now you could choose an online mba programme from a wide selection, personalize the course content and still come out with a reputable certificate. This is important because in the fast-paced work environment we have created, taking any time away can be a risky move and yet the pressure put on learning remains.

Lifelong learning isn’t just about progressing through your career, though. Learning is also important to your social life, your cognition, your memory and your intellectual curiosity. Over the course of your life, learning new things will change your perceptions and give you new directions to pursue. Without that learning, you would simply stagnate and become a dinner-party bore, unable to engage in any meaningful discussion.

In fact, lifelong learning is surely the key to happiness. It gives you everything you need to find the things that bring you joy and it shows you where you can make improvements to your life to make yourself feel more fulfilled.

So what can you do about it? Well, for starters, you could take some courses, make new friends, learn a new language, travel to a new place, read books, watch films, talk philosophically well into the night; look at art, listen to music, ask questions, think critically about the answers; build and create, cook with new ingredients, experiment with new ideas, learn to play an instrument; join a new activity group, go on runs, finish puzzles, seek adventure …

Opportunities to learn are everywhere – all you need to do is grab them with both hands.

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