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donna_garnerby Donna Garner



Lightning did not strike today at the Senate Nominating Committee, but it is a wonder that it did not. When Kathy Miller of Texas Freedom Network got up to testify against Barbara Cargill as chair of the Texas State Board of Education and blamed her and the SBOE for the  “circus atmosphere” which occurred during the time that the new curriculum standards (TEKS) were under adoption (2007 – 2012), I thought lightning would surely strike.


Who created that “circus atmosphere” and the firestorm that was directed at the SBOE while they were in the process of adopting the most fact-based, academic curriculum standards in the entire United States?  It was Kathy Miller and her far-left Texas Freedom Network with its many tentacles wrapped around the far-left news media that managed to create the “circus atmosphere” and “firestorm.”


We have seen this same type of maelstrom, built out of biased reporting and trumped up lies, occur throughout our country frequently; but the resulting chaos is not the fault of those who are trying to stand for traditional, common-sense values. It is the fault of people such as Kathy Miller.


Please take the time to read the names of the organizations that support TFN (posted further on down the page); most names were taken directly off TFN’s supporter website list.



These far-left groups are connected together all across the country; and because Texas has been the leader in the textbook market and has wide influence, the far-left national groups all came to Texas to hammer on our SBOE members and raise public pressure against their efforts. Fortunately for the 5 million children in our Texas public schools, TFN’s efforts failed; and the new TEKS are leading our Texas students into authentic education reform.


Kathy Miller led this hammering effort; it was she who helped to create havoc. It was not done by the SBOE members. They tried to do their work in the midst of the media hype and the TFN-orchestrated lies and chaos.  Wondrously, the SBOE managed to accomplish an amazing feat – the adoption of new-and-much-improved English, Science, Social Studies, and Math TEKS.


Barbara Cargill, as a member of the SBOE during those years, spent countless hours to adopt the new curriculum standards; and her leadership as chair of the SBOE since her appointment by Gov. Perry has been exceptional.


The vote by the Senate Nominating Committee will be later today.  If she is approved by the Committee, then the next step will be for Barbara Cargill to go before the full Senate probably this Wednesday.



By Donna Garner

4.20.12 (Republished on 2.3.13)


Please take a look at the organizations that support Texas Freedom Network, and this should tell you everything you need to know about their true intent:


Planned Parenthood; the Human Rights Campaign (largest homosexual organization in the U. S.); the ACLU Texas; Alliance for Clean Texas; People for the American Way; Center for Public Policy Priorities; Equality Texas; NARAL Pro-Choice; Sierra Club; Freedom From Religion Foundation; Stand Down Texas; Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates (TAPPA); Texas Impact; The Texas Observer; MECha (who wants to eliminate the border with Mexico entirely and honor Mexican revolutionary war hero Ernesto Zapata and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara); the Center for Inquiry (CFI) who fought to make the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.


Do we want Texas Freedom Network to influence Texas’ education standards, textbooks, and curriculum?


Let’s consider the answer to that question:


Dan Quinn is the Communications Director for Texas Freedom Network (TFN).  Dan “outed” himself in an article in the Austin American-Statesman. The following article has been taken offline but was published on 6.3.01 — ).


Cecile Richards founded Texas Freedom Network in 1995.  She is now the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. When Cecile left for Washington, D. C., Samantha Smoot took Cecile’s place.


When Samantha left for Washington, D. C. in 2005, she went to work for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual organization in the country.


Another far, leftwing organization has recently been added to the TFN alliance: MEChA.


Now we have Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign (largest homosexual organization in the country), and MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) all speaking as one voice.  Who is MEChA?


On 3.25.10, The Daily Texan reported:


A UT-based group called Save Our History, an alliance between University Democrats, a Chicano civil rights group called MEChA and the Texas Freedom Network, a nonprofit that works to combat the radical right voice in education, staged a march and press conference on March 10. Garrett Mize, a member of the Texas Freedom Network and the coalition, said the group plans to continue its activism and hopes to expand its membership in preparation for the May meetings.


MEChA wants to eliminate the border with Mexico entirely. They honor Mexican revolutionary war hero Ernesto Zapata and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.


MEChA has held rallies to pressure the University of Texas not to celebrate Texas Independence Day on campus, and they advocate for  “La Reconquista” or the retaking of the Southwestern states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah) to form an independent nation called “Aztlan.” (


What parent in his right mind would want the TFN alliance to have any influence whatsoever over what impressionable and vulnerable public school students are taught?


Donna Garner

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