Lil’ Wayne National Misfit

Jun 17, 2013 by

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright may have a new favorite rapper.

First Rate Nigger

Lil’ Wayne’s video for the song God Bless America features the outspoken star stomping on the American flag, according to footage taken during the video shoot. That’s not all Lil’ Wayne has to say about his homeland. The song’s lyrics are equally blunt in their distaste for the country.

“My country, tis of thee / Sweet land of kill them all and let them die / So God bless America, this so Godless America.”

Time magazine once called Lil’ Wayne the best rapper alive. The star’s life outside the recording booth has been less than tranquil. He once accidentally shot himself in the chest, got arrested on felony drug charges and served an eight-month sentence on weapons charges.

via Lil’ Wayne Stomps on U.S. Flag, Calls Country ‘Godless America’.

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