No limit to impact of pro-LGBT overhaul of history

Jul 27, 2016 by

A new law in California designed to indoctrinate students with the idea that homosexuality is normal is set to infiltrate the state’s public schools this fall – and its impact may spill over into other states.

The California law requires that students in public schools be taught about the contributions that prominent LGBT individuals have made to American culture. Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute warns these same history lessons will also bleed over into other states as well.

“Small states don’t have the option of customizing their textbooks,” explains the PJI president. “They have to choose what the big states choose. So this will impact school districts in California, Oregon, Washington, and other states around the country.”

California’s law took effect in January 2012, but its implementation was delayed by opponents’ efforts to have it repealed.

The law also prohibits any classroom materials that disparage LGBT individuals or their lifestyle choice.

Dacus, Brad (PJI)
Dacus – whose group was involved in efforts to repeal the law – says parents of traditional and Christian families need to take a hard look at other options.

“Frankly it is very difficult to see how a parent who is truly concerned about their children’s moral upbringing from a Judeo-Christian worldview could have their children enrolled in a public school this coming school year in the state of California – or any school district utilizing this flagrant indoctrination material,” he laments.

PJI attorney Matthew Reynolds says opponents argue the guidelines de-emphasize important historical figures and events to make room for LGBT icons of lesser or disputed note. Earlier this month he told The Associated Press that parents will be alarmed to know that over the past few years, LGBT History Month has promoted the notion that the song “America the Beautiful” is a source of “lesbian pride.”

Source: No limit to impact of pro-LGBT overhaul of history

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