List of Tx. Public Schools Unlawfully Imposing Mask Mandates & Medical Science on Masks

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Judge: Florida Can't Enforce Its Ban On School Mask Mandates During An  Appeal : NPR

“List of Tx. Public Schools Unlawfully Imposing Mask Mandates & Medical Science on Masks”

From Donna Garner

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Below please find (1) the Texas Attorney General’s list of public schools that are defying the mask mandates and (2) a fully documented report from Just the Facts/ that give the medical science on masks.]

9.17.21 – from Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

COVID ‑19: List of Gov­ern­ment Enti­ties Unlaw­ful­ly Impos­ing Mask Mandates

Texas Supreme Court Sides with Pax­ton Regard­ing Ban on Mask Mandates

Attorney General Ken Paxton is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of all Texans. Executive Order GA-38 prohibits governmental entities and officials from mandating face coverings or vaccines. This order has the force and effect of state law and supersedes local rules and regulations.

Last Updated: 9/14/2021, 10:07 a.m. CT

The following list of governmental entities who have been reported as non-compliant with Executive Order GA-38, updated to reflect their current status:

Aldine ISD *
Angleton ISD*
Austin Community College*
Austin ISD *
Basis Texas
Bexar County**
Beaumont ISD*
Beeville ISD*
Brooks County ISD*
Brownsville ISD *
Cameron County *
Canutillo ISD *
Carrizo Springs CISD*
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD *
Channelview ISD*
Chapel Hill ISD*
Clint ISD*
Connally ISD*
Coppell ISD*
Corpus Christi ISD*
Crowley ISD *
Dallas County
Dallas ISD**
Del Valle ISD *
Denton ISD*
DeSoto ISD *
Diboll ISD***
Donna ISD *
Eanes ISD*
Eagle Pass ISD *
Edcouch-Elsa ISD *
Edgewood ISD *
Edinburg CISD *
El Paso (City) *
El Paso ISD *
Elgin ISD ***
Ferris ISD*
Fort Bend County**
Fort Sam Houston ISD *
Freer ISD*
Galena Park ISD *
Galveston ISD ***
Garland ISD*
Harlandale ISD*
Harris County
Hidalgo ISD*
Honey Grove ISD***
Houston ISD *
IDEA Public Schools
Judson ISD*
Kennedale ISD*
Kingsville ISD*
KIPP Texas Public Schools*
La Joya ISD *
Lackland ISD *
Laredo ISD *
Lasara ISD *
La Vega ISD***
Leander ISD*
Lockhart ISD*
Longview ISD***
Lufkin ISD***
Manor ISD *
Mathis ISD*
McAllen ISD *
McGregor ISD***
Meridian School*
Mesquite ISD *
Midway ISD***
Mission CISD*
North East ISD
Northside ISD *
Paris ISD ***
Pearsall ISD*
Plainview ISD*
Plano ISD*
Pflugerville ISD *
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD *
Point Isabel ISD*
Port Arthur ISD*
Progreso ISD*
Raymondville ISD*
Red Oak ISD*
Richardson ISD ***
Rio Hondo ISD*
Round Rock ISD ***
Salado ISD*
San Antonio ISD *
San Benito CISD *
San Diego ISD*
Santa Gertrudis ISD*
San Marcos CISD *
Sharyland ISD*
Sherman ISD***
Socorro ISD *
South San Antonio ISD
Spring ISD ***
Texas City ISD *
Travis County *
United ISD *
Uplift Education*
Valley View ISD*
Vanguard Academy*
Waco ISD***
Weslaco ISD *
Westlake Academy*
West Oso ISD *
Ysleta ISD*
* indicates currently not in compliance; letter sent by the Texas Attorney General’s Office
** indicates that the Office of the Attorney General is in active litigation with government entity regarding the enforcement of GA-38

***  indicates lawsuit filed by the Office of the Attorney General against government entity to enforce GA-38

Now in Compliance (previously not in compliance):

Aransas Pass ISD
Calvert ISD
Cedar Hill ISD
Dripping Springs ISD
Fort Bend ISD
Fort Worth ISD
Grand Prairie ISD
Hays County
Hidalgo County
Highland Park ISD
Killeen ISD
Los Fresnos CISD
Marble Falls ISD
Nueces County
Premont ISD
Randolph Fields ISD
San Angelo ISD
South Texas ISD
Sheldon ISD
Spring Branch ISD
Tom Green County
Trenton ISD
West Orange Cove CISD

Read Executive Order GA-38


9.13.21 – JUST THE FACTS

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Masks, and the Deadly Falsehoods Surrounding Them”

By James D. Agresti




In a terse essay titled “Science and Dictatorship,” Albert Einstein warned that “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.” And on his deathbed, Einstein cautioned, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs.”

With reckless disregard for both of those principles, powerful government officials and big tech executives have corrupted or suppressed the central scientific facts about face masks. The impacts of this extend far beyond the issue of masks and have caused widespread harm and countless deaths.

Despite the fog of contradictory claims and changing government guidelines, dozens of scientific journals have published consistent data that establish these facts:

  • Covid-19 is mainly spread by microscopic aerosols generated by breathing, talking, sneezing, and coughing. The vast bulk of these infectious aerosols easily penetrate common masks because 90% of the aerosols are less than 1/17th the size of pores in the finest surgical masks, and less than 1/80th the size of pores in the finest cloth masks.
  • Aerosols are light enough to stay airborne for minutes or hours, and hence, they also travel freely through gaps around the edges of cloth and surgical masks.
  • Governments enacted mask mandates based on the false assumption that C-19 is mainly transmitted by large droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, and spittle. These droplets are bigger than the pore sizes of most masks and only remain airborne for a few seconds after they are emitted.
  • For more than a year, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention denied and downplayed the threat of aerosol transmission while issuing guidelines that don’t amply prevent it. This enabled C-19 to decimate the most vulnerable members of society, like those in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • The CDC and WHO quietly admitted in the spring of 2021 that aerosols pose a major threat of transmission but have still not adequately updated their guidelines to reflect this reality. This has allowed countless preventable deaths to continue.
  • The risk of aerosol transmission can be greatly reduced by disinfecting air with ultraviolent (UV) light, which is part of the energy spectrum emitted by the sun. This simple and safe technology neutralizes airborne microbes and has been successfully used to control the spread of contagious respiratory diseases for more than 80 years.
  • Randomized controlled trials—which are the “gold standard” for clinical research—have repeatedly measured the effects of masks on preventing the spread of contagious respiratory diseases. These trials have found inconsistent benefits from N95 masks in healthcare settings and no statistically significant benefits from any type of mask in community settings.
  • The only randomized controlled trial that evaluated cloth masks found that mandating them causes significant disease transmission in high-risk healthcare settings.
  • Observational studies—which are a weaker form of evidence than randomized controlled trials—find that masking schoolchildren provides negligible or no benefits.
  • Lab studies—which are the weakest form of clinical evidence—don’t support the notion that surgical or cloth masks reduce the transmission of Covid-19.
  • Masks of all types have negative impacts on some people, including headaches, difficulty breathing, increased cardio-pulmonary stress during exercise, marked discomfort, and weakened social bonds.
  • Because humans create carbon dioxide as they breathe, the CO2 concentration of the air they exhale is about 100 times higher than in fresh air. Masks restrict airflow and thus cause the wearers to rebreathe some of the air they exhale.
  • The average CO2 concentrations inhaled by people wearing N95 masks range from 2.6 to 7.0 times OSHA’s work shift limit for CO2. These levels cause headaches and chest pains in some people.
  • The average CO2 concentrations inhaled by people wearing cloth and surgical masks range from 2 to 3 times the government CO2 limits for classrooms in many countries. These levels may impair certain high-level brain functions like initiative, strategic thinking, and complex decision-making.

To read the full and comprehensive report, please go to the Just for Facts or the links:



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