LiteFinTech Develops a New Investment Plan for Scandinavians

Dec 27, 2018 by

Over the last couple of years, financial services have continued to grow at an exponential level. LiteFinTech is an online financial service that provides individuals and businesses assistance with cryptocurrency. This company uses the latest security techniques to empower the execution of fast trade. Whether you’re new to trading or not, LiteFinTech is for anyone looking for a fast trade execution and a stable wallet.

LiteFinTech was developed for a transparent and honest market. The company’s objective is to provide better opportunities to Scandinavian citizens through effective trading tools and educational opportunities. New customers who register for LiteFinTech’s services can receive a free wallet and be able to deposit or buy cryptocurrencies when they open a free account.

LiteFinTech offers a number of speed services including receiving, sending, or exchanging cryptocurrencies for low exchange rates compared to other companies in the marketplace. The company also offers multi-lingual customer service and a website that can be translated into 7 different languages. This will help traders be able to make better decisions before they trade. Users will even be able to see trade setups or scan markets without interruption.

LiteFinTech thinks about the safety of their customers by giving them an account that’s separate from the company’s funds. The reason they do this is because they want customers to be able to distinguish between one group of money and another group of money to avoid using either of them incorrectly. It also helps clients establish which money belongs to them should anything happen to the company. That’s why clients have accounts that are separate from where their funds are being stored. LiteFinTech has a relationship with Barclays bank to guarantee that their clients always receive great service. To ensure the user’s protection, none of the user’s funds or investments will ever be used without their consent.

LiteFinTech has what is called an Investor Compensation Fund to handle claims from clients by compensating them when the company isn’t able to because of financial circumstances. The reason the fund was set up was due to an amended investment firms law in 2002 which required the operation and establishment of an investor compensation fund for clients of the ICF’s Regulations.

Customers under an ICF member are compensated regardless of the place that offers the investment, the currency, or the number of accounts they hold. This will give each client of LiteFinTech peace of mind knowing that all of their trades will be handled with transparency, integrity, and security.

The company even has an award-winning Meta Trader5 (MT5) platform which can be downloaded easily and used by traders to boost their presence in the crypto market. Users can run manual and automatic trades on MT5. LiteFinTech offers customers investment plans that feature free education for their users as well as service without a commission. In addition, this unique service has been designed for the current state of the market in Scandinavia, taking tax and interest rates into consideration.

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