Literacy event celebrates reading and new Detroit riverfront

Aug 19, 2019 by

As General Motors executive Lori Wingerter took to the stage to read a book to hundreds of wide-eyed youngsters at the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy’s Reading & Rhythm on the Riverfront event Aug. 9, she was struck by how much the  landscapehas changed.

Cullen Plaza — near Rivard at Atwater and where the series that is meant to encourage young people to read takes place — is only a few blocks from GM’s offices at Renaissance Center, which the automaker purchased and moved into in 1996.

“At that time (1996), the Detroit side of the river was very industrialized with abandoned manufacturing facilities, warehouses, parking lots and the infamous cement silos,” said Wingerter, who heads the automaker’s Corporate Giving department.

The department replaced the GM Foundation a few years ago and focuses on STEM education, vehicle and road safety and community development. With significant emphasis on Detroit, GM donated over $10 million to 68 nonprofits for programming in the city last year alone.

Source: Literacy event celebrates reading and new Detroit riverfront

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