Local teachers union used intimidation, vandalism to keep members in line

May 4, 2013 by

LANGHORN, Pa.  – The teachers union and school board in the Neshaminy school district have been at odds over a new teachers contract for several years.

As the intensity of the disagreement increased, union leaders wanted to make sure that all of their members were united in the battle against the school district. And union officials were apparently willing to use intimidation and vandalism to enforce that unity.

David Ferrara, a football coach and ninth-grade American history teacher at Neshaminy High School, wrote a letter to the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers last year, condemning the union’s use of “terror and fear tactics” to keep teachers in check, reports PhillyBurbs.com.

Ferrara accused NFT members of staying after school to see which staff members are disregarding the union’s work-to-contract instruction, according to the news site. Teachers who do not follow along are confronted or shunned, according to Ferrara.

“This is definitely not professionalism in action,” Ferrara wrote. “It is terror and fear tactic and I call on all professionals in our union to stand up and not allow for this attitude and behavior to seep into our professional work place. Most of all, I call on our elected (union) officials to openly condemn the shunning just as they held a press conference to denounce what was perceived as attacks on teachers.”

Ferrara also denounced several instances of vandalism that have occurred on school property after individual NFT members spoke out against the union.

“Cars were keyed, tires had screws put into them, tires were slashed, and windows were smashed in vehicles,” Ferrara wrote.

Indeed, Ferrara posted a message on the NFT Facebook, stating that one of his car tires was slashed at Neshaminy High School one day after he posted his letter to the NFT leadership online.

That’s how unions deal with members who don’t fall in line.

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Local teachers union used intimidation, vandalism to keep members in line – EAGnews.org :: Education Research, Reporting, Analysis and Commentary.

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