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Reading tutor working one-on-one with an elementary student

In this special Reading Rockets video series, reading expert Linda Farrell works one-on-one with students in grades K-3 to help ensure that they master the skills they need to become proficient readers.

The video series shows what it really takes to teach critical skills such as naming letters accurately, blending and manipulating the sounds in words, mastering the connection between letters and sounds, recognizing spelling patterns, and reading multisyllable words. Looking at Reading Interventions shows how teachers can help children develop their skills, overcome difficulties, and become proficient readers.

We hope that every K–3 teacher will watch!

Episode 1: Letter Names with Reese, Kindergartener


Ms. Farrell helps pre-reader Reese master the letter names, with a focus on distinguishing between “y” and “v”.

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Episode 2: Blending Sounds in Syllables with Autumn, Kindergartner


Ms. Farrell works with Autumn to master specific pre-reading skills, with a focus on strengthening her phonological awareness and giving Autumn extra practice with onset and rime.

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Episode 3: Mastering Short Vowels and Reading Whole Words with Calista, First Grader


Ms. Farrell works with early stage reader Calista on short vowel sounds, blending and manipulating sounds, reading whole words, and fluency.

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Episode 4: Learning ‘b’ and ‘d’ and Reading Short Vowel Words with Aiko, Second Grader


Ms. Farrell works with Aiko on distinguishing between the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’, practicing looking at the text, and reading short vowel words.

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Episode 5: Mastering ‘Silent e’ and Becoming More Fluent with Michael, Third Grader


Ms. Farrell helps Michael with mastering the ‘silent e’ pattern in order to speed up his print processing.

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Episode 6: Reading Multisyllable Words with Xavier, Third Grader


Ms. Farrell gives Xavier a strategy for reading multisyllable words — and lots of practice to master the skill.

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Extras: Working with Struggling Readers — Every Child Can Succeed

Reading intervention specialist with second grade student

Ms. Farrell talks about her role as a reading intervention specialist, and what more than 20 years of experience working with kids, teachers, and schools has taught her about the potential of struggling readers.

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About Linda Farrell

Reading tutor Linda Farrell

Linda Farrell is a founding partner at Readsters, an Alexandria, VA-based firm that helps schools implement research-based reading instruction. She is committed to effective early reading instruction in, to helping struggling readers become strong readers, and to ensuring that strong readers achieve their full potential.

Linda works in schools throughout the U.S. training and coaching teachers and modeling effective reading instruction. She also has designed curricula in Niger and Senegal for children to learn to read in their local languages.

Linda is a former English teacher. She was a National LETRS trainer for seven years. She has co-authored assessments and curricula for teaching reading, as well as several other published works. Linda can be reached at linda@readsters.com.

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