Be on the lookout, teachers, for ‘heteronormativity’

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Bob Kellogg –

Three left-wing teachers at a Chicago-area public school are urging fellow faculty members to be on the look out for students promoting “heteronormativity.”

“Heteronormativity” is an environment that promotes heterosexuality as normal, which is apparently a terrible violation according to an email sent to school staff at the North Shore school.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says these activists are trying to stamp out traditional family values among students.

“These [three] staff members want to train other staff members to step in and to interrupt if they hear students say that the human species is composed of two sexes and that homoerotic activity is not normal, natural, good or moral,” she tells OneNewsNow.

natural marriage

Higgins and IFI obtained a copy of the email sent to school staff from teacher John Wanninger and two others identifed as Dan and Deborahanne.

On the IFI website, Higgins writes:

But if “safety” can be achieved only through banning expressions of moral propositions, are all expressions of moral propositions going to be banned at LFHS? Or are just moral propositions that John, Dan, and Deborahanne dislike going to be banned? 

“There is a relatively small group of activist teachers who get on all sorts of committees and are promoting their social, political, moral, philosophical agenda within the school,” Higgins tells OneNewsNow.

She notes that Wanninger sponsors the LGBTQ club “Alliance” at the school.

Source: Be on the lookout, teachers, for ‘heteronormativity’

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