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Fethullah Gülen

Topics covered in this e-mail:


  • · Taxpayers in Texas on the hook for bonds to Turkish-Gulen-Harmony Charter Schools
  • · How Harmony Schools “dump” students in order to raise test scores
  • · Expensive PR firm hired by Harmony
  • · Turkish-Gulen charter takes students to Turkey – special deals provided by Turkish airline
  • · Direct flights to be offered from Houston to Istanbul
  • · Fethullah Gulen purportedly leaving U. S. to go back to Turkey



6.18.12 — Charter schools, public risk, political gain


by Michael Hight




Excerpts from this article:


Stunning, jaw dropping hypocrisy! The conservative Republican Texas legislature, in Senate Bill 1, passed in June, will guarantee the bonds sold by the private owners of charter schools. Privately owned charter schools, for example, Harmony Charter Schools, will be authorized by the state of Texas to sell bonds to construct new school buildings.


The state will guarantee them by giving charter schools access to the Permanent School Fund. Isn’t this the Wall Street model …. privatize the profits and socialize the loses. Newly minted AAA rated financial instruments will be bundled to hedge fund managers and other “investors.” Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be made by bond rating agencies and financial institutions that put these bond offerings together.



…The Texas taxpayer will now be on the hook for this private sector school financing scheme. The relevant section of SB 1 states, “Senate Bill 1. Sec. 45.052. GUARANTEE. (a) On approval by the commissioner, bonds issued under Subchapter A by a school district or Chapter 53 for a charter district, including refunding bonds, are guaranteed by the corpus and income of the Permanent School Fund.


There is more. Harmony Charter Schools is the largest charter school chain in the state boasting of 36 schools. Don’t let them tell you charter schools are public schools, they are not. Public schools don’t have the luxury of “encouraging” a child to leave because they might jeopardize the school’s test scores. Charter schools game the system by inflating their successes through a process called “dumping”. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) acknowledges that Charter schools “dump” low performing students and students with special needs. They push these students out of their school. Dr. Ed Fuller has been quoted saying, “It’s not hard to be ‘exemplary’ if you lose all the kids who aren’t performing”.


Harmony schools “lose” an extraordinarily high number, about 50 percent, of their students in grades 6 through 8 according to Fuller, a University of Texas-Austin researcher….Charter schools that have closed still owe the state 21 million dollars because they exaggerated their enrollment numbers.



Besides their “dumping” policies, Harmony Charter schools have been associated with the Gulan Islamic movement. Harmony does not teach Islam in the schools, but their Gulan associations are undeniable according to University of Oregon’s Joshua Hendrick, Ph.D. His research extensively studied the Gulanists and their worldwide operations.



Under the radar of the American public, the Gulan Islamic movement has been quietly advancing its presence in the United States through the establishment of charter schools by their acolytes. Texas politicians are well aware of this movement.


Gulanists continue to build their political cover by targeting, influencing, and giving gifts and trips to Turkey to our politicians.


Fethullah Gulan, left Turkey under threat by the Turkish government for his attempts to establish an Islamic government and some consider him the contemporary Islamic version of American evangelist Billy Graham.


The Gulan movement goes beyond charter schools. Their public relations strategy incorporates the establishment of “cultural centers” and “interfaith dialog” centers. They are extremely well funded and politically connected.



Cosmos Foundation, Inc., owners of Harmony Schools hired Jennifer Sarver, of BursonMarsteller, one of the world’s largest public relation firms. Karen Hughes is Global Vice-Chair of BursonMarsteller. This is a very expensive and high powered public relation effort. Followers of the Gulan Movement operate banks, educational institutions, media, and business networks in more than 100 countries around the world.



The Cosmos Foundation, Inc. which operates the Harmony schools filed for 1,157 visas applications (H1-Bs) since 2001. It has brought 731 administrators and teachers from Turkey using H1-Bs surpassing all other secondary education providers nationwide. Immigration of teachers from Turkey under the H1B visa program is allowed if a qualified American teacher cannot be found.


Questions abound regarding the qualifications of these Turkish teachers as well as Harmony’s sincerity in attracting and hiring qualified American teachers. All the principals of Harmony schools just happen to be Turkish men.


Contracting, maintenance, and a plethora of vendor contracts (food service, uniforms, books, furniture, etc.) which by law should go to the lowest bidder are in question. It has been reported that local Texas businesses have been shut out and bids awarded to Turkish owned firms.


Large capital improvements and new building construction projects will be financed by Harmony bond initiatives, awarded to Turkish construction firms, and insured by the state, meaning … you. These contracts represent tens of millions of dollars.



…Let me be clear. I am not in any way against privately funded faith based schools. However, Harmony Charter Schools and other charters, funded by taxpayer’s dollars, by their own doing, have raised serious questions about their practices at many levels not the least of which is the promotion of a particular religion and culture directly or indirectly.


Finally, the Texas taxpayer should not bear the risk associated with the creation and issuance financial instruments for the private sector…. never, never, never.



Michael Hight is a retired pharmaceutical executive. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology, with graduate studies in political science and additional courses in business management abroad. He can be reached atmich@sbcglobal.net.



Coral Academy of Science, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, is a Turkish Gulen charter school (http://gulencharterschools.weebly.com/coral-academy-of-science.html).


Coral Academy of Science took off for two weeks during March for a math competition in Turkey. The airline provided 20 tickets for the 10 students and their 10 chaperones. Coral Academy just graduated its first class – three students. The Nevada Attorney General spoke at their commencement — (http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/18708750/attorney).



[Notice all of the misspellings in this Gulen Turkish charter school’s press release. The English proficiency of the children who go to these Turkish-run charter schools concerns me greatly and should concern parents who are considering putting their children into these schools. After all, how successful will these students be as U. S. scientists and mathematicians if they cannot communicate their scientific/mathematical research well in English? – Donna Garner]




AMSP/AMC-10 Trip to Istanbul


Our AMSP/AMC-10 students are going international. Our students will continue studying for the big math challenges during the spring break, only this time with their counterparts abroad.


Coral Academy of Science has middle school and high school students who study for the American Mathmematics Competitions (AMC’s). AMC’s are considered an important step on the way to the International Math Olympiads (IMO) which is the most prestigious math event for high school students all over the world. 16 of our students will be traveling to Istanbul for a two week trip and math camp program where they will meet other students and coaches.


We’d like to thank Turkish Airlines that sponsored our students and chaperons by providing Coral Academy with 20 free tickets.



6.16.12 – Houston Chronicle http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2012/06/iah-will-soon-offer-flights-to-turkey/

IAH will soon offer flights to Turkey

There’s word that Bush Intercontinental Airport will welcome another foreign airline, weeks after city approval of a controversial Hobby Airport expansion.



KTRK-Channel 13 says Turkish Airlines will offer direct flights from Houston to Istanbul, starting in April 2013. The flights will reportedly be four times a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.



Tickets are already available online … Mayor Annise Parker is expected to make an official announcement with more details Monday morning.



The news comes nearly a month after City Council signed off on the Hobby expansion, which will let Southwest Airlines offer flights from Houston to Mexico and the Caribbean in 2015.



The vote angered United Airlines, which with its partners has a near monopoly on Latin American routes out of Bush. Hours after the vote, United announced it would be cutting planned operations at Bush by 10 percent and eliminating 1,300 Houston jobs.








Middle East invites Islamist billionaire to return from exile

Published: 6.17.12

In a stunning move, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called for Fethullah Gülen, the reclusive imam of arguably the most powerful Islamist movement in the world, to return home to Turkey from his self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania.

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