The Louisiana Common Core Review Is Not Parent-Friendly

Aug 12, 2015 by

By Shane Vander Hart –

The Louisiana Department of Education has launched its 2015-2016 review of the Louisiana math and ELA standards that are aligned to Common Core.

You can find the review portal here.  I wanted to highlight some of the instructions that are raising some eyebrows.

The standards in this application are arranged by subject and grade level. To review a standard, click the plus sign beside the standard to see more detailed information. You may provide feedback on standards by clicking (a checkbox icon) to the right of each standard.

In your evaluation of each standard, you will have the following options:

  1. I agree with the Standard as written. (comments are optional)
  2. The Standard should be in a different grade level. (grade selection is required)
  3. The Standard should be broken up into several, more specific Standards. (suggested rewrite is required)
  4. The Standard should be rewritten. (suggested rewrite is required)
  5. Delete this Standard. (comments are required)

To find particular standards to review, you may also search for a particular concept in the search bar.

If you believe a new standard needs to be created, please click “Suggest a New Standard” in the footer of each page in the portal to submit an email with your suggestion.

You may leave and come back to the Louisiana Standards Review Portal at any time, but you will only be able to submit suggestions on a particular standard once per electronic device.

There is no way for parents to give general feedback about the standards in whole.  If you like a standard you don’t have to leave a comment, but for everything else it requires a comment or for the person reviewing to provide a rewrite.

That’s a rather onerous way of soliciting feedback from the general public.

I received a rather terse email about this issue from Sara Wood who is a parent-activist in Louisiana  She wrote:

Not all public comment is treated equally!  If you like the standards, then you just choose that and comment is optional but if you do not like the standards, well then you better get some professional teaching development because you have to go through very specific hoops in order for your review to count and such hoops include requiring you to identify the standard specifically that you do not like, required commentary and recommendation for a replacement standard.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GARBAGE?  I AM A PARENT!! I AM NOT A TEACHER.     I only know that I want to comment as to the whole darn thing and how it affected my children negatively to the extent that I pulled my children to homeschool them.  But guess what?  That is not an option!!! We cannot even check a box to state that we do not like the standards.  How the heck am I supposed to follow the very meticulous instructions in order to have my public comment counted? I cannot and therefore my concerns will not be counted and do not forget that you have to fill out so much information that many teachers also feel that there will be retribution for coming out against the standards because so many schools and parishes have invested money in the Common Core.  So the likely result will be that this process for public comment will help to ensure that we just end up with a laundered version of the same crap…Common Core legitimized through a faux public comment period showing like so many other states that the majority just love Common Core!!  I cannot express how much of a blow this is to an already frustrating and tiring situation for parents and children.  What a freaking joke on a not so funny subject!!  So sad but so typical!!

Apparently Kentucky had a similar process that led to predictable results… Oh the public just loves Common Core!   Louisiana is headed toward the same result.

Source: The Louisiana Common Core Review Is Not Parent-Friendly | Truth in American Education

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