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By Donna Garner


I absolutely love Pres. Trump’s Twitter messages that come each day directly from him to me. I feel honored as a common, everyday person to listen and/or to watch videos of our President communicating with me without his messages being distorted, misrepresented, and filtered through the leftwing media.


What I really love are Pres. Trump’s videos that he and the White House team are producing for social media. He puts them on Twitter several times a week based upon current events. For instance, today was a short 3:19 minute video which was his weekly address. He gave actual examples by name of people who told him specific, heart-wrenching problems they have endured under Obamacare.  


A second video was an 8:51 minute clip from Pres. Trump’s White House signing of the Veterans Administration bill this week.  I had read about this bill in the media, but there was nothing to compare with listening to him interact with the people in the room as he explained the stiff accountability to which the VA will now be held. Listening to him talk directly to those in his cabinet who are responsible for the implementation of the VA bill made believers of us all.  He wasn’t on “The Apprentice” for nothing!


I do not follow anyone else on Twitter except for Donald Trump, and I am not advocating for people to waste valuable hours of time reading the vast amounts of “fake news” that is on Twitter.  However, I do want to encourage those people who have been avoiding Twitter to consider setting up an account if only to receive President Trump’s daily messages.  He is a genius for realizing early-on that he must use Twitter and the social media to circumvent those in the leftist media who would rather destroy America than to recognize him as the duly elected President of the United States.  

P.S. If you do not know how to set up and operate an account with Twitter, ask any teenager to help you!



Donna Garner


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    Edward Hauck

    First of all, how does this qualify as “education news” despite being written by an Education Views commentator. Nothing of educational interest was included. With that being said, this was so one sided with the writer gushing over how honest and direct the president is (“I feel honored as a common, everyday person…”) I’ll say! When you don’t watch news in a discerning manner you just adjust your blinders as much as you accuse the leftwing media of doing the same. I’m a liberal, but I watch Fox News to see how other news outlets treat the same story. If you rely on one source, therein lies the echo-chamber.

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      Edward Hauck

      I should’ve placed a “?” after the word ‘commentator’ in the first sentence. Plus, why does my comment have to be moderated? You can edit it, but don’t change it. If you do, just delete it as I don’t want my words construed. Thank you. EH

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