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As breathtaking as ever, Rome continues attracting hundreds of tourists on a daily basis. Since it’s a city with rich cultural history, you can get a sense of luxury while visiting, regardless of your budget. However, it’s best seen and experienced through the lens of luxury travel. Here’s what you can get in terms of comfort and grandeur while in the Italian capital!

  1. Luxury accommodation

In Rome, you can find dozens of high-end hotels. While each and every single one of them boasts impeccable service and comfortable, gorgeously decorated rooms, they have a lot more to offer. From views of the Coliseum and private art collections, to summer gardens and huge indoor pools, there’s something there for every taste.

Besides 4 and 5 stars hotels, Rome has also plenty of luxury apartments, from studios to two and three bedrooms, which are ideals both for couples and families.

  1. Private tours

Want to go on a tour designed especially for you? If yes, you can do exactly that while you’re in Rome. The city offers a number of opportunities for privately guided luxury tours with every detail carefully planned.

  1. High-end transportation

Renting a luxury car has become synonymous with high-end travel in general. It’s no wonder, since going from place to place is a part of every journey, and significantly affects your experience. Here’s what you can get by choosing a luxury car rental Rome.

Want to add some adventure into the mix? Driving while on a trip is often considered to be boring and uneventful, but that’s certainly not true for those sitting behind wheels of luxury sports cars. These vehicles boast excellent performance, high speeds and eye-catching design.

Dreaming of the perfect romantic getaway? Your choice of car can significantly affect the mood throughout the course of your trip. If you want a vehicle that will run smoothly, make you feel comfortable and allow you to admire your surroundings whenever you please, choose a luxury convertible.

Travelling with your family or dragging a bunch of stuff with you on your trip? What you need is a luxury sedan that will take care of all your clutter issues. These cars offer the most in terms of sitting and storage space. They’re also very easy to manage, which makes them a family man or woman’s best friend.

Now that you know what Rome can offer you as luxury services, what else are you waiting for?

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