Maine Homeless Left in Cold as Officials Scramble to House ‘Asylum Seekers’

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Globalist politicians catering to migrants while Americans suffer

Thousands of homeless and destitute Maine residents are being brushed aside as officials scramble to instead accommodate ‘asylum seekers’ who have recently arrived in the state from points around the globe.

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Dozens of homeless Mainers, including veterans and families with children, expressed their frustrations to local CBS affiliate WGME, however most reportedly refused to go on record for fear of facing retribution or penalties as they await government aid.

“The I-Team found more than 18,000 Mainers are on a waiting list for Section 8 and that’s just one program to help low-income families get affordable housing,” WGME reports.

“Many of those people are homeless and hungry and have already been waiting years for their number to be called.”

Meanwhile, some 200 ‘asylum seekers’ who have been living in an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo center are now being moved quickly into temporary housing, while another 150 who arrived in June have already been relocated to units around the state.

The city of Portland has allocated some $870,000 from a donation fund to cover housing and food expenses.

“Of course when the asylum seekers come up here they offered them free housing. How do they have a place for them but not for us?” said Zanetta Smith, who spent five years in her car and now lives in a friend’s storage shed in the woods without toilet, shower, or running water.

“It was pretty tough in the wintertime,” said Smith, who reportedly lost her apartment after a serious illness that prevented her from being able to work. “You fall into bad times, and sometimes it’s hard to get out of it.”

Dan Brennan, director of the Maine State Housing Authority, claims the issues pertaining to Maine homeless and ‘asylum seekers’ are completely separate.

“There simply is not enough supply of units available for people who need them,” Brennan told WGME. “The asylum seekers are a very unique situation in which it’s a temporary situation for them, it’s not permanent housing. They’re not getting a housing opportunity that someone on the waiting list would be afforded.”

“We fully feel this short period of assistance will help the folks as they become self-sufficient and begin to settle here in Maine.”

Governor Janet Mills has reportedly assigned $172,303 from the Governor’s Contingency Account to cover a year of rent expenses for ‘asylum seekers.’

In June, when hundreds of Congolese migrants were unloaded in Texas after arriving at the southern border, San Antonio Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger revealed that many of the new arrivals had been slated for relocation to Maine, but Portland officials reportedly begged out of the arrangement.

“The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland,” Bridger told a local CBS station. “When we reached out to Portland, Maine, they said, ‘Please don’t send us anymore. We’re already stretched way beyond our capacity.’”

FLASHBACK: The U.S. southern border is as porous as ever and now unvetted migrants from Congo are being released onto the streets of the America.

Source: Maine Homeless Left in Cold as Officials Scramble to House ‘Asylum Seekers’ – NewsWars

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