Maine panel begins assessment of controversial Common Core education standards

Sep 17, 2014 by

AUGUSTA, Maine — A discussion about whether Maine will become the latest state to dump national Common Core public school standards began in earnest Tuesday at the hands of a fast-tracked new panel whose recommendations will go to the Legislature next year.

Education Commissioner Jim Rier told the group Tuesday morning that the Common Core standards — which are part of a wider set of standards called the Maine Learning Results — are a crucially important foundation on which public education is based, though he said that fact is obscured in misperception among many parents and educators.

“It’s hard to get the public engaged,” Rier said. “I want to take advantage of the attention that [the Common Core] standards are getting right now so we can get this [review] done.”

The Common Core State Standards detail what public school students should know at the end of each grade through their high school graduation. The standards were developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers with participation from all but a handful of states.

Currently, 43 states, including Maine, use the Common Core standards in English/language arts and mathematics. In Maine, those standards were incorporated into the state’s Learning Results through unanimously supported legislation that Republican Gov. Paul LePage signed into law in 2011.

Since then, however, controversy surrounding Common Core has grown. Nationally, at least three states have repealed incorporation of the Common Core and according to some sources, more than a dozen other states are considering doing the same. In April 2013, the Republican National Committee adopted an anti-Common Core resolution.

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