Make a Difference To Protect Children in the Classroom

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“Make a Difference To Protect Children in the Classroom”

By Anne Newman



Make a Difference to Protect Children in the Classroom

   The State Board of Education (SBOE) will hold a public hearing in September on the proposed K-12 Health curriculum standards, which are called the Texas Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It is essential that the SBOE hears from you now.

Coming to a School Near You?

Radical, graphic, and age-inappropriate sex education is trending across the nation, including in Texas. For example, the Austin school district adopted curriculum that includes teaching 6th grade students about sodomy. Don’t think this won’t happen in your school district. A coalition of 27 groups are working to get the SBOE to adopt Health standards that will allow districts to adopt the Austin type of sex ed.

The proposed TEKS require teaching 6th graders – that’s 11-year-olds — to about “consent as it relates to physical intimacy.” This is an invitation for teachers to use Planned Parenthood’s offensive “consent” videos that free online. Eleven-year-olds should be taught about how to keep their bodies healthy.

Watch Planned Parenthood’s video on consent here:

“How Do You Know If Someone Wants to Have Sex with You?

Read why teaching children consent is a bad idea:

“Why Consent Fails as the Arbiter of Sexual Morality”

Why you need to take action:

·      Whether or not you have children in public schools, your tax dollars pay for public education. School district taxes are the highest property taxes you pay.

·      Egregious sex education promotes sexual activity, which results in more teen pregnancies, STDs, and other issues.

What You Can Do:

1.   Contact the State Board of Education (SBOE) to express your concerns at  

Sample emails to send to school board members:

Note: Please put this in your own words.

I am writing because the proposed curriculum standards for Health require teaching 6th grade students to “define consent as it relates to physical intimacy.” Schools should not be teaching 11-year-olds about this! I find this appalling. This is giving teachers a blank check to show students Planned Parenthood’s “Consent” video, which is freely available online. Please reject this!


The proposed Health curriculum standards are very disturbing. Teaching 11-year-olds about consent related to physical intimacy is not age-appropriate, and it is unacceptable. This is usurping parental responsibilities and rights. Please do not approve this.

2.      Plan to testify at the SBOE hearings in September and November. I’ll be providing more information about the proposed TEKS.

3.     Expect another action alert about the TEKS in a few days. The SBOE must hear from Texans!

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