Man Vs Machine: Who Will Win The Battle?

Nov 3, 2019 by

Over the years, machines have improved significantly. This has caused concern among many humans. They’re worried that machines are going to overtake humans at some point. Who knows? Anything is possible. Nevertheless, you should know that humans are not going to go down easily. They’re going to put up a fight and attempt to save the homeland. Still, machines may be able to squash humans. Who will come out on top? Ultimately, there is no clear-cut winner here. It will depend on numerous factors. Below, you’re going to find out about the factors that will determine who comes out as the winner.


One thing to note is that humans have feelings. They have the drive but machines do not. While things might change, machines are not capable of having feelings or thoughts. Until that changes, the machines will not have any determination. This gives humans the edge over the competition. The determination and drive to save themselves from a disaster may be the thing that allows a man to defeat machines in the end.

No Feelings

On the flip side, you have to understand that machines do not have feelings. This might seem like a bad thing but it could be beneficial. After all, the machine doesn’t have to worry about getting slaughtered. They might not care if an entire warehouse full of robots is killed. They’re going to stick with their mission from start to finish. This will give them a slight edge over their human counterparts. Since they have no feelings, there is a good chance that machines will win 9 times out of 10 when playing Sbobet again human opponents.

Predetermined Actions

Another thing to remember is that humans have free will. Once they’ve designed a plan, they can go back and change that plan. This is not going to be possible for machines. They might be able to learn and change their plan slightly but there are some limitations. The machine’s actions will be predetermined and they’re not going to change. If the machine’s duty is to kill humans, it is going to seek and kill humans until it is killed. It cannot devise strategies to ensure it is being effective. Humans can and this will give them an edge.

Human Errors

Unfortunately, humans make a lot of errors. Whether they’re aiming a gun or slamming a hammer, there is a change that they’re going to miss their target. Machines are going to be better in this category. Machines will be designed with maximum precision in mind. This could give them a minor advantage. The human will need to think outside of the box to overcome this setback. Still, the competition should be hotly contested.

Who Wins?

Ultimately, it tough to know who is going to win. Many things could change the future and the outcome of the battle. If machines are not allowed to evolve and improve, humans will likely retain the upper hand. If machines evolve quickly and they’re able to gain the edge, humans will have a tough time fighting back and surviving.

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