Managing Sitecore all alone can be difficult: find the right Sitecore partner

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After choosing Sitecore as your CMS platform, you may feel lost. The new user interface, object-based architecture, and modern design take the lion’s share of the user’s attention. It might be a bit daunting to adopt a new CMS, so you need the right Sitecore partner before your next project comes to your worktable.

Choosing the correct partner for Sitecore can change the outcome of your next project. Although it is essential to pay attention to the Sitecore support and maintenance options the CMS provides for all users, most developers do not pay it due importance. Work pressure and lack of know-how can lead to bad choices in this department. It is impossible for a developer to take care of the website building projects, and troubleshoot a CMS platform issues at the same time.

How to pick the right Sitecore partner?

Even after the help, the Sitecore website is ready to offer. You need to get the right Sitecore partner for keeping your CMS up and running. There are a few things you must consider while choosing your Sitecore partner

What kind of cover do you need?

For enterprise-level organizations, 24/7 support might be necessary. For mid-level organizations, support during their business hours might suffice. Do not compromise the quality of support and availability of expert help based on restrictions of the budget. You cannot weigh the service quality by the amount the Sitecore Partner charges. Speak with your potential Sitecore partner immediately to find out what they are ready to deliver against the capital you will be allocating.

What level of response time do you require?

Do you need guaranteed response likes? Does your work demand fixed resolution times? Even today, several partner agencies do not have Service Level Agreements (SLA). As a result, expecting stellar service from them is a mistake. If you are looking for guaranteed Sitecore support with fixed resolution times, you need to work with registered companies that provide proper results. Check their SLA and look for a wholesome ITIL affiliated support process.

Can they get the bigger picture?

Sitecore is the best CMS platform if you prefer to taking a holistic approach to website design. Several CMS management teams, who have worked on other platforms may have trouble with Sitecore’s unique way of painting the bigger picture before approaching the finer details of the development process. We have seen several agencies work with Sitecore users that do not have the infrastructure the design agency should provide. If that is the case for your team as well, are you sure that the Sitecore partner you have chosen will be able to give you the necessary support 24/7? Will the partner agency be able to work in coordination with the IT department seamlessly during the project development phases?

Who will run the control and quality checks?

If you are new at Sitecore, it might be difficult for you to assess the quality of support the partner agency extends. One of the most important things you must remember is that Sitecore has several versions and that can lead to some level of confusion among new designers or developers, who have used previous versions of the CMS platform. Variations and subsequent changes are acceptable to a certain degree, but the lack of version control and lapses of quality during service are unacceptable. Uncontrolled version controls and lack of manual deployments can raise security issues. While picking your Sitecore partner speak to them about quality and security thoroughly before making things final.

What about the cost of the process?

Difference agencies can have different support requirements. While one might require 24/7 access to advance or expert help, another might require access only for a couple of hours per day. As we have mentioned before, your bulk of work and level of operations will determine the extent of support you will need from your Sitecore partner. Depending on the level of support you need and the number of advanced features your Sitecore partner is offering, the cost can vary significantly. Irrespective of the size of your corporation and the expanse of your operations, you must remember that the support should not leech a part of your resources for your ongoing projects or your upcoming ones. The expense of expert support should not override the budget you have set aside for the current project.

What about the Sitecore support agencies that show up on Google searches?

Your Sitecore Partner recruitment should not be up to chance. It should be like choosing any other business partner. You should vet the agency thoroughly, check out their client reviews and find out their accomplishments in the same field in the last couple of years. Since Sitecore comes up with new versions to stay in touch with the market, not choosing support that is equally updated can cost your digital presence. Several inexpensive Sitecore support agencies show up on Google searches, but not all of them are ideal for you. Skimping on proper support can cost your digital marketing firm or website development agency dearly in the future. Always be smart about selecting the right support that can help you in the direst of all situations.

Your chosen support partner should provide dedicated help and support they have promised. They should have the people, systems, and processes that uphold their managed services capability to deliver quality services that their customers have already paid for. In effect, if you are getting anything less than what you had signed up for, it is time for you to say “goodbye” to your current Sitecore partner and find a new one. It is a highly competitive world out there and choosing the wrong partner can be a grave mistake for your company. Moreover, finding the right Sitecore partner will not be that difficult since you already have this guide to help you out.

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